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    [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    No one can help?
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    [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    The new link for QE/CI mavericks 10.9 is broken
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    [GUIDE] 1st Generation Intel HD Graphics QE/CI

    Hello, thank you for this great tutorial, Everything is working for my graphic card on acer travelmate 5740z including brightness and native resolution! But I just want to understand why I can't add a DSM method to GFX0? For example if I add this Method (_DSM, 4, NotSerialized) { Store (Package () { "VRAM,totalsize", Buffer () { 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x12 }, "model", Buffer () { "Intel HD Graphics" } }, Local0) DTGP (Arg0, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, RefOf (Local0)) Return (Local0) } under Name (_ADR, 0x00020000) I get 193 errors! My DSDT is attached here and without DSM method for GFX0 it gives me 0 errors 0 warning 0 remarks and 54 optimizations. Thank you! DSDT.zip
  4. It works perfect on ML 10.8.5! I have same Vendor Id and Product Id as default values on the kext, it seems that we have the same material, mine is integrated on Acer Travelmate 5740z. Thank you
  5. Hello, I know this topic is too old but... I have Asus P5L 1394 motherboard Chipset : Northbridge Intel MCH 954P Southbridge Intel ICH7 Storage: Intel ICH7 Southbridge supports: - 1 x Ultra DMA 100/66 hard disk drivers - 4 x Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/s hard disk drivers JMicron JMB 360 Serial ATA controller supports: - 1 x External SATA 3.0 Gb/s port (SATA On-the Go) More informations about SATA controler: Device Description Intel 82801GB ICH7 - SATA Controller [A-1] Bus Type PCI Bus / Device / Function 0 / 31 / 2 Device ID 8086-27C0 Subsystem ID 1043-2601 Device Class 0101 (IDE Controller) Revision 01 and I have the same problem (No ICH7 SATA Controller displayed in 'System Profiler') But when I boot from "Hazard 10.6.6i" distro, after choosing language I go to tools then system profiler and I can see Serial ATA controler displayed as it should be. I don't know if it's a kext loaded at boot that resolve the problem or a moded kernel that make it possible.