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  1. So is the 10.6 guide for the ga-p35-ds3l ever coming out or is it just a lost cause at this point?
  2. Was it hard? I've been threatening to do it to my wife's mini 9 as well. Sick of mint/ubuntu. How's performance?
  3. Sounds like the same problem I'm having, it's caused by having an IDE dvd drive and not a SATA drive. You'll need a SATA dvd drive, I think newegg has one for less than $20.00.
  4. Looks like on the ga-p35-ds3l the boot cd wont work on a ide dvd drive. Anyone had luck with it and this mobo on a ide optical drive? If so, I want a copy of your boot cd! Otherwise looks like I'll have to pick up a sata optical drive.
  5. Ahh, good to know, but means I need a stupid sata drive to install. arg.
  6. Sorry, had to pick up the kids from school. It failed, just stalled on "done". I've coastered 5 cds now, so it looks like I'm on hold for now. Thanks for the effort though!
  7. No luck here with the ide version, the same problem, it boots the disk, goes black and reboots. Thanks for the effort though!
  8. Ahhhh, this probably explains my issues as well. Boot disk would display a black screen and then reboot. I thought my dvd was sata but this made me check it again and it is in fact IDE. Now, it works fine in leopard, does this mean I'll need to get a sata dvd or if I use another method to install like usb will my ide dvd drive work once I have sl installed?
  9. Tried the boot disk listed above, thanks, but still no go. Tried re-setting bios to default except for achi and 64 hpet, same thing. Bios for the ga-p35-ds3l is the latest, flashed today, same problem. It just loads up the boot disk, goes dark and reboots.
  10. I'm still looking to see if anyone has managed a p35-ds3l boot disk as the other methods do no seem to work for me for whatever reason. Anyone? Tried brewing my own as well as using the one listed here since the motherboards are similar but both give me a black screen when the cd starts to boot up and then restarts my rig..rinse and repeat.
  11. Doh, I think I corrected that but good catch!
  12. Well, balls. I reset the bios to standard defaults and that *did* work, i.e. it started seeing bootable disks. But I solve one problem and another rears it's ugly head: Both my own bootable disk that I made using another guide and the boot disk listed under files in this thread do the same thing, they start to boot and then I get a black screen and the system reboots. It appears the ep45-ds3l is different enough that it will not work on my p35-ds3l.
  13. Ok, noob hour here. No matter what I do, when I burn a boot disc (either my own or the one listed under files on he front page) it burns it..but my computer will NOT see it as a boot disc, it just "skips" it. Yes, the first boot device is set to cdrom as well. I burned it to a dvr r and not a cd but I can't imagine that making any difference. I used the disk utility that comes with OSX in my current install and simply dragged the iso to the left plane and then hit burn. It shows up on the disc and the disk is labeled "GA-p45-DS3l" but it will not boot. So weird. Any suggestions?
  14. Yeah, the guide link wont work. Anyone want to whip up a quick p35-ds3l boot disk for those of us using that mb?