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  1. U J

    Installing Lion on ASUS P8Z68-V

    App store can be made to work by deleting the network preferences.plist and restarting the comp and then re-enabling the network connections from system preferences
  2. U J

    updating from 10.6.3 to 10.6.6

    well your sata dvd drive is definitely not the problem... as far as i know it is the ide dvd drives that cause problems...!! as for sata II ..i have no idea !! maybe some one else can shed some light on it !
  3. U J

    updating from 10.6.3 to 10.6.6

    It will be helpful if you can give your system config.... and how were you booting before your system went into kernel panic..?? try the same flags...along with these two.. "-v debug=0x100" everything inside the quotes in the same line -v means verbose mode.. debug=0x100 i think lets you read the error properly without the automatic restart kicking in !! try this and post a screen shots... or write down the panic.. !!
  4. U J

    updating 10.6.3->10.6.6

    I agree too. I wouldn't have suggested my method if his config wasn't close to mine... the reason i told him to switch to hazard was due to the smallest number of kexts i've ever installed.. Want a list of what i installed.. check this out. in hazard 10.6.2 10.6.2 combo update pc efi 10.5, evo enabler 4870 extra extensions, apple rtc , ahci satafix, ioata family fix .. there are only 3 kexts in my extra/extensions folder... i have everything working out of the box except sleep .. i think the hassle would be worth it....!!
  5. U J

    updating 10.6.3->10.6.6

    alrite..look at my pc spec below... it is so much similar to yours...!! my advice is to upgrade your os to 10.6.6 .. before you do that..please know that i used hazard 10.6.2 to make my installation work... it was the easiest install i ever did... you can install it via software update or via combo update downloaded from apple.. may i suggest a better alternative.. my success rate depended on the usage of hazard distro..are u willing to download it..and do a clean install if you dont mind the hassle... otherwise my explanations could cause certain complications.. !! so lemme know.. !!
  6. alright Charlie97L ... i used Hazard 10.6.2 and then upgraded to 10.6.6... i had to remove some kexts and i was good to go..so i dont know whether your retail disk might work in the same way or not..so let me try... can u answer these questions... 1. do u have windows installed along with the snow leopard ? 2. if u do..then do u have macdrive installed ?? this software enables you to view the contents of the snow leopard installation and hence u can delete some kexts from there or you can backup ur data..which i think u wanted to do !! 3. next..when you are at darwin prompt..(or chameleon prompt) ..can u try these boot flags...and tell me what u see... -v -s lemme know what u get !!!
  7. Did u remove the sleepenabler.kext from the system/library/extensions before upgrading it to 10.6.6 ..because many people are having kernel panic due to that kext not being removed !! lemme know..and the pic that u posted wasnt clear for me..can u just take a pic of the last screen that gets stuck in the verbose mode !!!
  8. Ok your motherboard seems to be from another planet ...anyway..iatkos v7 is a very good distro but it gave me a lot of problems. However i was able to successfully install leopard using iDeneb 10.5.8 lite edition. First i suggest you try iatkos and if that doesnt work , move on to iDeneb. I never tried Kalyway so cant help u there.. Moving on...try to do these steps and see if it works or not Go to ur motherboard bios and set these options Disable bit: ENABLED XD: ENABLED CPUMAXLIMIT: DISABLED virtualization: DISABLED or ENABLED, try it. Hyperthreading: DISABLED or ENABLED (Just I7 processors can try enabled.) On the power options: HPET: ENABLED (if avaliable). ACPI 2.0: ENABLED the above steps are necessary for any distro iatkos or kalyway. and then put your dvd(i advice u to start with iatkos first) and hit F8 when u see a timer try the following flags in order, one of them should work -v (this is verbose mode, will help u figure out whats going on) mach_970 -v (best kernel and i am assuming it wont work for some types of amd processors) toh -v (works for most hardware) -v cpus=1 -v platform=ACPI (can u try this first !) -v cpus=1 platform=ACPI -v cpus=1 busratio=20 try all of the above one by one and see which one works... if the above wont work , try them with kalyway and then try ideneb.. one of them should work... and again i dont like the sound of ur motherboard's name..i feel its incompatible but ...hey, it doesnt hurt to try... rite All the best
  9. Can you be a bit more specific? whats your complete pc configuration? It could be of various reasons why its stuck there? could be a damaged disc or problem with the dvd drive and it could also mean that your computer is incompatible? Why dont you try the Windows 7 Upgrade advisor and check if your system can handle windows 7 or not..
  10. Thank u very much for the reply guys.!! I was able to dual boot Windows 7 and OS X Leopard successfully !! The problem was every time i try to install leopard my windows 7 would not boot..so what i did was , i put my windows 7 dvd and booted into repair my computer mode and then went to command prompt and did this bootrec \fixboot bootrec \fixmbr bootrec \scanos bootrec \rebuildbcd and that solved it...i was able to boot into windows 7 and then used easy bcd and gave a boot entry to osx (after adding entry using easy bcd, dont forget to repair hfs partition in the diagnose utility) and finally i had to use a patched DSDT.aml to be able to log into leopard (i had to create my own and used macdrive in windows to copy the dsdt into leopard root and voila !!) Now i have full quartz extreme enabled with 4 cores and no problems with audio at all...i dont think sleep is working though...(i dont use it anyway) and my leopard is detecting all my config correctly.. I use MSI P43 Neo 3-F motherboard by the way...if u need any details PM me...
  11. Hi.. i absolutely love this forum and i've learned a lot...i've got a successful osx leopard working installation after going through this website using iAtkos v7 (its great !!).. however there were some hiccups.. Problem 1 : i first installed osx on a separate drive and was trying to dual boot it with windows 7 (which is on another hard drive)...after installation none of the two booted...however when i removed windows drive , osx booted fine...and vice versa...is there a workaround? Problem 2 : if there isn't a workaround, i am planning to install it on the same drive.along with windows 7..its has 4 partitions (3 primary and 1 logical) and i am going to install it on 3rd primary partition...please correct me if i go wrong here...i am going to shrink the 3rd partition to make 20gb space and i am going to use id=AF when creating partition for osx..then i am going to use iatkos and install it in this partition...since the mbr breaks(because it did before)...i am going to boot into windows 7 using the win7 dvd and going to set the partition of windows active and then use easy bcd in windows to repair the hfs+ errors and create a boot record for os x. Will this help me dual boot or am i missing some steps in the middle ? Problem 3 : in my prev working osx , i had a problem with dvi cable.. i used Nvidia 9400GT and used nvinject and the os would stop at blue screen..it worked only when i changed my cable to vga. Now i bought a new gfx card Powercolor HD 4870 1GB, i've heard i need to select ati hd options.. can u help me - which option i need to select to make this graphic card work with DVI cable (hopefully) or even a VGA cable ? If u can help me with any one of the above problems, that would be AWESOME My PC Specs : Intel Core 2 Quad 8200 - 2.33 Ghz Corsair 8GBRam - 2Gbx4 800Mhz MSI P-43 Neo 3 Fir - MS7514 Powercolor HD 4870 1GB - GDDR5 (its freakin awesome!!) Samsung 20x Sata DVD writer Hitachi 250GB HDD Samsung 160GB HDD I dont have any other pci cards on my motherboard..just the ones given above