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  1. Hi I have a hackintosh based on a EG43M-S2H mainboard with GTX260 graphic card and 10.6.4 vanilla install with chameleon on an USB stick. Worked great until recently I could not wake from sleep anymore. Had to pull the power cable out and wait some seconds before I could start again. Then changed the sleepenabler kext to a 10.6.4 specific one I found at kexts.com. Now unplugging the power cable did not even help, I had to open the computer and take the mainboard battery out to do some kind of reset to be able to start the computer again. I have no idea what has changed that I have these problems now since I did not do an OS update an did not change anything in the chameleon folder. Maybe someone has an idea how to continue ?
  2. Works great ! Only thing - time machine does not make backups. When starting, either manually or at the scheduled time, the time machine icon starts spinning for 2 seconds, then stops, resulting in no backup and no error message. Anyone had the same problem ?
  3. Problem solved, it started working. Now I can use it to choose the OS in chameleon and use it in windows in HID mode. Just need a wireless keypad to have a delete key for enetring the BIOS.
  4. Hi I have a 10.6 vanilla installation on my hackintosh with Chameleon an on USB stick. I wanted to have my apple wireless aluminium keyboard recognised at bootlevel. So I got myself a D-Link DBT120 and applied the Apple Bluetooth Firmware Update 1.2 to it (on a macbook with 10.5.8, it didn't work on my 10.6 Hackintosh). After that the dongle should be in HID Proxy mode until the system has started. Unfortunately the keyboard is still only recognised when the system has already started. Any ideas ?
  5. Hi everybody, It's really driving me nuts, but I cannot get my wireless aluminium keyboard working under both OS; if I do the pairing in Windows, it's not recognized anymore in OSX, I have to re-pair again, then it's not working in Windows again. At least I found out that under OSX I can choose the pairing code I like to use; if I use the one that I got from Windows, then the keyboard is recognized windows but not working (it was working before I paired with the same code in OSX). Can anybody help ??
  6. Hello everybody. I managed to install SL on my machine and it works just fine. Now I want to do this on the Shuttle SG33G5 from a friend of mine. I would like to have chameleon with all necessary extensions on an USB stick and a vanilla install on the HD (like it is with my Hackintosh). To follow the guide I used for my computer I would need a patched DSDT. Unfortunately I didn't manage to do that, patching of my Gigabyte bios file was no problem but does not work with the shuttle bios file. Also I would need to know which kexts I will need. Maybe somebody did this already and can help me ? Alternatively maybe someone can give me a short guide how to install SL on the shuttle by a different method that worked with him ? Thanks to all in this forum, I got already some great information from here.