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  1. BTW, AppleALC was updated to ver. 1.2.3: I have replaced version from Bilbo’s pack with new one and remove CodecCommander.kext Seems like everything is OK. Test passed
  2. Hi, friends. My five cents to common depot. Why? No reasons to forget about it KP is caused by old version of Lilu.kext. Just replace it with ver. 1.2.2, cross your fingers and get it. AppleALC and NvidiaGraphicsFixup work with Lilu 1.2.2, so you will not lose nothing. Not for me… I send to script (2 CPUs x 10 cores on each) ./ssdtPRGen.sh -p 'E5-2660 v2' -b Mac-F60DEB81FF30ACF6 -c 3 -x 1 -cpus 2 -l 40 …and get nothing… So I need to try later again or seek for other ways…
  3. Hi, Bilbo! Great, just great! The best gift on my birthday Waiting for free day to try it. Thank you.
  4. Glad to hear that it works not for me only I think that I will delete an EFI folder from my post and leave here a working kext only.
  5. No, I decided to start from El Capitan following to your manual. And I have a bad apprehension now… kext can be not working under Sierra… I can’t test it now…
  6. Don’t try to understand, it is a test versions, not final for work. Yes, I still have a 5.1 SMBIOS. I need to verify an one assumption (if it will be correct, I post it here). Just remove GenericUSBXHCI.kext and add mXHCD.kext Kext only you can get in attachment to this post. Are you sure? Look at screenshot… mXHCD.kext.zip
  7. Done. It is an EFI folder which I use now. Seems I was inattentive again. My kext and kexts from X79 package have a slightly different size. Let me know if I can help with something else. UPD: Yes, my problem with "lost" SSDs is solved. Just switch from "AHCI+RAID" to "AHCI" in BIOS. bilbo, thank you once again. UPD2: Attachment deleted. Working kext you can find in post #159 Or direct link to download it
  8. Of course. Just a few minutes. I’m under Win now, and need to reboot or mount external EFI-partition under VMWare.
  9. bilbo, thank you. I’m slightly confused… They are already here… Hmmmmm… Maybe I should to change SATA-mode in BIOS from "AHCI+RAID" to "AHCI"? I will try to do it… Am I right that it will not affect on SAS ports (there is RAID 1 with data HDDs)? Sorry for stupid questions, but it is a new MoBo for me, and I not explored it completely yet. Yes, it clear for me. As I wrote above, data storage is connected there; and seems like it works OK. At least no issues at the moment. But thank you in any case.
  10. Hi bilbo, First of all thank you for your efforts and excellent manual. I have obtained a z820 machine and try to switch to it from my old Hack based on Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD5. Your guide is very helpful for me, I almost get what I want from the new MoBo. Hope that I also can help with some things in the this topic. I saw that people have a trouble with USB3 ports on z820. Similar problems was and on my old Gigabyte. I have searched for solution and somewhere found a suggestion to use a mXHCD.kext (this kext is present in the RampageDev collection). It solved my problem on the GB MoBo. Now I tried use it on the z820 too and I got working USB3 without errors, freezes, etc (like with GenericUSBXHCI.kext). Yes, I still not see USB3 controller in the System Profiler, but it is not a pain for me So, try this kext too. Maybe it is that solution which you seek. Now about my problem. At the moment I have El Capitan installed on the external drive. I use it for testing purposes and plan to instal on the internal SSD after I will get completely working configuration. And here is a problem. Both my SSDs are connected to SATA AHCI 6Gb/s ports, and I not see them under MacOS. I try different solutions from web, but still haven’t results. Can anybody help me? Maybe solution is already present in this topic, but I was inattentive and just skip it? I will be very grateful for any links or information. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, jccool! Your proposition is interesting for me… but I’m newbie and I did nothing of the kind before… Can you give me a link to a guide about installers producing, or tell me about this process shortly?
  12. MaDxCrEaM: I've been trying to install many various drivers at that time… Finally I've decided to return to native drivers… If you do nothing after update to 10.5.3, you shouldn't reinstall anything. Just edit your ATIRadeonX1000.kext, and go to terminal… or do, as wrote macmaniac in previous post… macmaniac: All regards to Bronya I just used his method…
  13. Friends, I have got my qe/ci back. So, you can try this solution too. Firstly, I've restored original Apple files from 10.5.3 update package (ATIRadeonX1000.kext, ATIRadeonX1000GA.plugin, ATIRadeonX1000GLDriver.bundle, ATIRadeonX1000VADriver.bundle and ATIRNDRV.kext) using Pacifist. Then I've edited original ATIRadeonX1000.kext and manually add to Info.plist my cards ID (0x72441002). But after repairing permissions and reboot I have no qe/ci So I've tried this solution from Bronya (see the first post): sudo -s also enter the password root! chown -R 0:0 /system/library/extensions chmod -R 755 /system/library/extensions rm /system/library/extensions.mkext rm /system/library/extensions.kextcache kextcache -k -z /system/library/extensions And it did work for me Now I have Leo 10.5.3 and full qe/ci support:
  14. My ID (0x7244) is present in ATIRadeonX1000.kext… Or you tell about another kext? (Sorry for my english)