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  1. You can choose chain methode for seperate hdd's.
  2. Digi002 rack no Working

    Because 7.4.2 for 10.4.3 . Read carefuly Digis's site for compatibility issues.
  3. In Turkey: Cat: Miyav (it spelled like "me yaw") Dog: Hav hav (it spelled like "How")
  4. this is not KDE issue but has anybody tried this? g OS
  5. Fireface 800 and iATKOS

    I guess because of Leopard. There is no Leopard driver for RME's in support page.
  6. Name that .app

    It's would be Blender ?
  7. Is macefi fully patched ?
  8. M-Audio FW 410 drivers acting up

    UZi706 you must cut current from card. Or must be shut down when swapping to windows... This way works when swappin OSes.
  9. You can search "Dash It" on appel site.
  10. Logic Pro installation failing

    If Logic Express runs on Hackintosh normally Logic Pro must runs on it.
  11. Is Apple Keyboard works with Windows ?
  12. M-audio Firewire 410

    It hasn't problem with hacintosh. Fully functional.
  13. I'm having strange problem with finder. When right clicking on finder 3-4 times it crashes and restarts. How could i fix this problem? Latest 8.8.1 semthex kernel 10.4.8 Finder.crash.log.zip
  14. Logic Pro 7 Missing Presets

    I'm having same proberm with latest 10.4.8 DVD.