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  1. 10.8 dp3 released update

    Well, finally updated and no problems so far. Everything working fine (just needed to rollback the HDA). Safari graphics issues are solved for me. Better programs compatibility (had problems with some). Really good improvements!!!!!
  2. 10.8 dp3 released update

    I also download it and waiting to finish some tasks to install it. Did you have problems with bootloader after installation?
  3. Lion GM Facetime error

    OK this is the console output when FaceTime is opened: 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: CMIOGraph 0x7f7fcb49bd80: 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: Membe 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: r Nodes: 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: node 1 [ 1][ 0]: desc tinp dal appl, instance 0x7f7fcb4a0cd0 O 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: node 2 [ 3][ 0]: desc tdmx mstr appl 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: , instance 0x7f7fcb49f170 O 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: node 3 [34][ 0]: desc tufc vtdc app 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: l, instance 0x7f7fcb49f280 O 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: node 4 [25][ 0]: desc tefc vsyn appl, instance 0x7f7fcb4a1c70 O 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: node 6 [ 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: 35][ 0]: desc tufc vtcm appl, instance 0x7f7fcb4aacf0 O 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: node 12 [16][ 0]: 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: desc tout 2prc appl, instance 0x7f7fcb4af1c 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: 0 O 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: Connections: 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: node 1 bus 0 => node 2 bus 0 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: node 2 bus 1 => node 4 bus 0 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: nod 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: e 4 bus 0 => node 3 bus 0 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: node 3 bus 0 => node 6 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: bus 0 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: node 6 bus 0 => node 12 bus 0 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: Events to be updated: 07/07/11 17:30:09,323 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: CurrentSta 07/07/11 17:30:09,324 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: te: 07/07/11 17:30:09,324 [0x0-0x3e03e].com.apple.FaceTime: mLastUpdateError=0, eventsToProcess=F, isRunning=F And this is the output after trying signing in: 07/07/11 17:31:51,381 imagent: [Warning] Cleaning up validation info
  4. Lion GM Facetime error

    Well I exported the cert from my Macbook to the HackPro and it does not work at all. Also the cert seems to be the same, no any noticeable difference between files.
  5. Lion GM Facetime error

    I have the exact same problem (only in the hack, the macbook works perfectly). Tried several options like removing or modifying certificates, deleting facetime preferences, etc. but no way.
  6. Just to confirm that patch also is working here.
  7. Lion GM released today

    Clean installed here with no issues. Everything working perfectly.
  8. GTS 250 on Lion DP4

    I used RC5 r982. Also output is DVI, my card has two dual DVI only.
  9. Appstore not work in Lion 10.7 DP4

    search this forum, there is an available solution about deleting the network preferences. also all your networks interfaces should be working (ie installing kexts for onboard nic), at least on my rig.
  10. GTS 250 on Lion DP4

    Mine works without any enabler, with latest Chemeleon version. Only graphicsenabler=yes.
  11. Anyone installed DP4?

    Yes, but a quick working solution is to replace Lion AppleRTC with Snow Leopard version. Voila.
  12. Anyone installed DP4?

    Same here with GA P55M UD2 with Nvidia GTS 250. Please, can you tell me if you have a CMOS reset after sleep? I solved it with other post we created in the Post Installation section of the forum. Thanks.
  13. Anyone installed DP4?

    Same issue here. Will try other options as soon as possible.
  14. Same as rayap, replacing RTC with Snow version is working with DP3 ok. Now I have KP with AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement... =(