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  1. Thats probably it then hehe.. Before my last post I'd had 10.6.3 and was away for a while just lurking but never did anything else. Then my HDD crashed on the 1340 and of course I had no backup for my OSX, so decided to try a newer version of Mac and did 10.7.3 and worked fine. So then I decided to try ML and wall here I am.. and loaded 10.8.0 + Win8 + Win7 on an SSD drive and WOW it flies!! Currently running 10.8.0 and only thing not working properly is the battery icon. I did see your post on how to fix that, but for some reason I don't get it LoL. What do you recommend for me to go from 10.8.0 to 10.8.3 and the best way to get my battery icon working 100%? TIA Its good to see you again BCC9, You've been a great help since Snow Leopard on my 1340.
  2. so what's up with this thread with no replies since Decemeber 2012?? or a new section for the xps1340?
  3. Hey guys.. been a long time for me here since I did the 10.6.3 update. What would be my best approach to get to 10.6.8?? what steps do u guys recommend? any updated guides? Thanks in advance.
  4. hmm am not updating until the bugs are fixed..Yea
  5. From m1210 to XPS Studio 13 ---> Priceless. Now running SL 10.6.1
  6. Did the Boot ISO CD and the rest was easy.. very simple to add SL 10.6.0 to my XPS Studio 13. Now have dual boot running excellent.
  7. Updating this post with Asus P4P800 Deluxe. Running ideneb 10.5.5 fine. Choose the following when installing. ICHxxx (chipset) SKGEXT (Ethernet) 9.4.0 StageXNU (Kernel) As far as video card, I had a cheapo Nvidea 256mb card, so chose that under VIDEO Installed fine and booted 100%. BTW: Use USB Keyboard and Mouse, do not use PS/2 Good Luck
  8. damn laptop dropped and broke into pieces.. SUXXXXXXX Good thing I have Dell Complete care.. yup yup, worth every penny indeed.
  9. Tiger on Dell 700m

    Dood, you can install Leopard 10.5.1 on your 700m just fine. I have a 710m and running 10.5.1 great. Search this forum for guide on how to
  10. Ideneb v1.4 on Dell inspiron 640m help

    I can see in your signature that you have SL 10.6.1 on your 640m, read your PM pal. Thx
  11. here is my speedtest with the 1505 on the m1210
  12. am sure there is a way somehow.. hehe. good job on the attempts.
  13. got my 1505 wireless card and working great.. also got an extra 1390 (for my dell 640m) and also installed in the m1210 to see how it works and also does very well.. so you cant go wrong with either 1505 (B/G/N) and 1390 (B/G)
  14. The ethernet isnt too bad. I just did all the updates from it with the exception of the 10.5.8 one. I am awaiting on my 1505 card to arrive this week. Hey if you get SL going when you reformat again that be cool indeed. PS: I know you keep on mentioning the m1330 upgrade I can have.. but still have like 70 days left on the m1210 so might do it when its about 20-days left. We'll see how it goes. Also I was offered by email to extend my Dell Complete Care to 2yrs once the 70 days reach the end, for a cool price of $99 for 2yrs. Not bad at all.