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  1. The Porting Team

    Long live TGPT!
  2. Wineskin

    Very nice Doh, I'll go make some stuff work.
  3. The Porting Team

    It was more for ResHack specifically, although I do not see a reason it wouldn't work with other programs. When I had Ventrilo inside of the same folder as ResHacker, Reshacker opened, and ventrilo was open inside of ResHacker. It more of a ResHacker idea than any other programs, I just thought I'd share some information.
  4. The Porting Team

    to anyone With Wine INSTALLED via macports: I have thrown together a very small script that will open ResHacker for you. This is to show something to everyone, especially Doh as he may find it useful in the future. This is my Script: tell application "Terminal" do script "/opt/local/bin/wine " & POSIX path of (path to me) & "contents/resources/programs/*/*.exe" do script "killall Terminal" end tell The * functions as a wildcard, basically what I'm saying is: The script tells terminal to run ANY exe within ANY folder in the programs folder, in this case "/ResHack/ResHacker.exe" Out of curiosity I dropped another exe inside of this wildcard folder to see either which would launch, or if both would. To my surprise, the second exe opened IN ResHacker. Therefore if Doh thinks this is a good idea, he could edit this specific wrapper to point it to a wildcard rather than a specific directory. Edit: Whoops, forgot the link, here it is: http://kod.singaming.net/Ports/ResHacker.zip You may have to change the folder name to ResHackerFolder, path to me and spaces doesn't work well with Terminal commands.
  5. The Porting Team

    Woo! Coming along nicely Doh. This app may help quite a bit if I want to make a new icon based on an old one.
  6. The Porting Team

    Woo, sounds nice Doh! I think I like the new direction you're taking, can't wait to see the beta.
  7. The Porting Team

    You could make a wrapper for the wrapper. Have an applescript saved as a bundle, and have it set a path to itself and then to the executable.
  8. Wrappers: Dungeon Siege 2 Anyone?

    SharedSupport > cxchromium > support > chromium > drive_c > Program Files
  9. The Porting Team

    I don't think it is, I deleted the string and it worked fine.
  10. The Porting Team

    Where is it that defines what executable is launched? I always thought it was the "CrossOver Chromium" in the info.plist, but after changing the name it didn't affect it at all. If I can tell it where it is, I can possibly make a temporary fix.
  11. The Porting Team

    I can see why it's taking a while, you've got quite a lot on your plate. I'll see if I can get someone to do it.
  12. The Porting Team

    I'm not positive, but I believe a Crossover Games 8.0 wrapper will fix the Snow Leopard issues? Either way I'm all in for supporting Wineskin, I like the idea of not having bottles. ;D I'll gladly help out in any way, and test for you when you feel it's ready. You could always just link the download to the x11 required if the person wanting to run wineskin doesn't have it.
  13. The Porting Team

    I'll help all I can Doh.
  14. crossover games quits at startup!

    Have you changed your version of X11 at all recently?
  15. Just Windows on a Mac

    There are a few options including: Parallels and VMWare Although they don't run nearly as fast as you would get through Bootcamp.