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  1. I have this combo too, but I have a 5850 instead of a 5770. If anyone could provide any insight on maybe what kexts might be applicable or what flags might work with systems that have similar components. I can never get to the install screen . It always hangs on some insignificant command, or otherwise, it says waiting on root device.
  2. OS X won't boot?

    I tried that. It did the same thing, just with text. It starts with the big text that scrolls through really fast, and just goes black.
  3. OS X won't boot?

    Hi, I just installed iAtkos on my HP Pavilion Dv7-1245dx Laptop, using this guide: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=182132 I installed it, and when I go to run OS X, I click enter on the chameleon icon, and the Boot screen with the apple shows up for a split second and goes away. OS X never boots, the screen is just black. I did install on a USB hard drive, if that's the problem.
  4. [GUIDE]790GX Based Motherboard

    I used this guide on a Biostar TA790GX A3+ board. I'm running snow leopard, but have 2 problems. One is that my onboard LAN doesn't work, and I am using a PCI network card thats slow as {censored}, and my video card (4650) is not supported. But otherwise, great guide!
  5. The onboard graphics for this board do not work.
  6. Biostar G41-M7?

  7. Biostar G41-M7?

    I bought this motherboard in a bundle with a pentium dual core. I've been trying to use the iDeneb 10.5.8 disk, but it wont let me. It says something about an "AppleACPIthermal" extension? Here's a picture: It'll just hang like this for hours. What should I do?
  8. Can't get it to install

    It also does this same thing, where it shows the loading screen but not the loader on windows 7 and vista. I think it's a problem with DVDs, as it's a newly built system.
  9. I posted this here because it won't let me post in the installation section. I have a system with a biostar G41-M7 Motherboard and a Intel pentium dual core E2200. I popped in my disc, and the only thing that happens is the apple logo comes up, but the spinny thing doesn't. Is this a common indicator of something?
  10. Yeah, that would be great. And thanks to the OP, I'm planning on buying this motherboard, and I wanted some proof that it would work with snow leopard.
  11. I have one box running OSX, but I'm gonna get another cheap one. How does this look? http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...mp;Sku=B69-1118
  12. Do any of you know if this card would work in the dc7100? http://www.amazon.com/EAH3450-DI-256M-Expr...2015&sr=1-1
  13. HP DC7100

    I have 2 problems, and I would really appreciate some help . My DC7100 has: Intel 915G chipset. Provides ICH6 SATA and IDE, GMA900 video Intel Pentium 4 CPU DDR ram support up to 4GB Mini tower, Small Form Factor or Ultra Small case AC97 audio (AD198x) ICH6 SATA & IDE BCM5751 Network Running Ideneb v10.5.6 with Voodoo Problem numbah 1: When it goes to sleep, everything is fine. But when I turn it on, I have no IP address. And Number 2: Whenever I'm in MS word 2008 (or any other program with a white background) the mouse... it ummm.... sticks? I'll move it across the page, and there will be an image of the mouse in the middle of the screen, as well as my real mouse across the page.
  14. Ok, well I did what you said using the mach_kernel.voodoo and system.kext that I got from the automatic installer on another mac pc, and I got the seatbelt.kext from the original post. I put them all on my desktop and ran all the commands you told me to, repaired the disk permissions, and and rebooted using -v -f. Now I get a different kernel panic - What did I do wrong? If it helps at all, I'm running off of a usb hard drive. EDIT: Nevermind. I just must've forgotten to copy the seatbelt.kext. It's all good now. Thanks for the help!