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  1. ATI,RadeonX1600

    both dont work.
  2. ATI,RadeonX1600

    Well its been two days and still no help. I mean this card has been a big problem for a BIG audience of users that i have seen, and still no working guide? I mean i can get my OPENGL to work but quartz extreme has still not been supported. Ive tried EVERY method, and had to reformat a dozen times to get this to work. Let me re clarify ATI Radeon X1600 PRO SAPPHIRE 256 MB The NATIT method does not work. Im not going to give up on this thread.
  3. ATI,RadeonX1600

    anyone please?
  4. ATI,RadeonX1600

    Im running off iatkos v7 at 10.5.7 ive seen people get these drivers to be quartz extreme supported. Anyone have drivers to make it supported? Ive looked all over, no joke... Anyways its 256mb and its just plain ATI x1600 nothing special
  5. Best way for me to install leopard?

    Hey thanks for the reply =] i just go darwin to work and installed Mac Os a dozen times trying to get it to work...but the farthest ive got with customization was to the blue screen after the silver apple sign then it freezes... Any ideas?
  6. Hey guys i just used darwin to install max osx leopard and after it installed it told me to reboot... when the computer boots up it keep on restarting and wont boot the mac... Any ideas?
  7. Hey guys, im new to the hackintosh scene as you can tall. Im not a noob when it comes to windows and i kind of understand this kext stuff. My question is whats the easiest way to get leopard on my system, duel boot (with xp) or without... My freind told me to dl XxX_x86_10.5.6_Install_Disc_Universal_Final.iso and i have it but im not sure what to do from here. Specs: Ive pretty much provided everything that matters... Thanks for your help, this hackintosh community sounds great!