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  1. I have been trying to get Leo installed, but keep getting a "panic". Its when the install of is done, it "reboots" then when its starting, it does this...(screenshot) i have no idea whats going on.
  2. cant install, 2 different errors

    oh, no no no. I just have to sit down and focus on it, go through the options, situations, and troubleshoot any possible outcome. I just thought i was going to get a "you need an ide dvd drive" answer. Dont worry, I MAJORLY appreciate your post (and i wish i saw it before i posted this thread). Now I just need to spend a weekend and do it. But, I do greatly appreciate your excellent commitment through time and effort that you have put into this project. I will report back on this thread once I have either succesfully achieved my goal or have another problem.
  3. cant install, 2 different errors

    ok so.....WOW...my eyes hurt and brain oozed out of my head, feels like I just got done woth finals at school. Um...so...before i change my BIOS settings, would the dvd-rw burner i have work to install? there are the issues with sata dvd burners. also, i can use the old ide 40 gb to install osx onto, but Win7 is my primary OS and OSX will be the OS for video editing. oh, back to my original plan....can one install Final Cut Pro to a PC? (xp, vista, win7) uggg...need to scoop my brains off the floor now.......
  4. cant install, 2 different errors

    hopefully self-bumping isnt illegal
  5. hi there. i have been trying to get the Kalyway 10.5.2 distro to install for about 9 hours now. I have made 2 cd coasters now, since my only dvd-rw is to scratched up. i will get more dvd-rw's tomorrow. I get 2 major errors now "Ebios read error:error 0x01" and "waiting for root device" i read that the install doesnt really like sata's, so i unplugged my sata hdd and used an old ide hdd. still same error. i tried old ide dvd's, but they are dead. i just recently saw a fix for the sata dvd drive issue (since both of my old ide dvd drives are dead) and would like to know how to implement it onto the dvd? its the "AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext" PLEASE, can anyone help me? ps. i have partitioned a part of my WD640gb drive with a 120gb partition, but upon reading the sata issue, i tried the ide approach, but to no avail. my specs are: intel q9550 quad core @2.83 (BX80569Q9550) 4gb ocz reapers @ 1066 (OCZ2RPR10664GK) Evga 750i "FTW" stock BIOS (123-YW-E175-A1) Evga GTX 280 (01G-P3-1280-RX) WD 640 sata2 hdd (WD6401AALS) WD 40gb ide (wd400BB-00dea0) 20x LG dvd supercombo drive (GH20NS15) antec 1000w psu (TPQ-1000) antec 1200 case CM V8 cpu cooler (RR-UV8-XBU1-GP)
  6. Can't install anything

    should have posted this in the right section in the first place. if the mods can delete this thread, please do