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  1. This one fixed it for me http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t=#entry1295439
  2. depex

    Photoshop CS4 redraw lag

    I should also note that it worked perfectly in Win, so it "should" be possible to fix.
  3. depex

    Photoshop CS4 redraw lag

    Tried some more stuff. Not using system drive for scratch. Ram at 95% Cache at 8. Same in CS3. Here is a test file. http://xeped.com/test.psd 1,4mb If I move around the top layer group it lags horribly. Holding down ctrl+shift+arrowkey for 10sec will make it move for 15sec after I release it. And if I delete the stuff group, the lag is gone. So filesize doesn't matter, but the amount of layers does.
  4. Trying to figure out how to fix some Photoshop CS4 redraw lag. It lags when I move around multiple layers, and more with more stuff. If hold down the arrow key to move something, the item will keep moving for a while after I release it. OpenGL support off, 11.0.1 update installed. Tried with both Leopard and Snow, also with both ATI and NVidia cards. Quartz enabled. Current motherboard is Maximus II Formula, cpu Intel c2d E8500, 8gig ram, Geforce 8600 gts, Two 24" lcd (hp lp24775w and benq g2412hd). Everything else seems to run just fine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: Tried rosetta, which was even slower. Also tried disconnecting one monitor.
  5. Trying to install on a Maximus II formula. If I click f8 and select the usb drive I simply see a black screen and a blinking cursor. And if click SnowLeoInstaller in Chameleon I get this kernel panic: http://xeped.com/IMG_1960.JPG Also tried to install bootloader2 (chameleon 1) but I cant find any way to boot the usb from it. Any help would be great.