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  1. theschtickler

    Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD5 F13 Audio

    Hey guys, I'm having a lot of difficulty even getting to the ML installer using ###### on my board. I have a revision 1.0 board, is that what you are using? Any help would be amazing. Thanks.
  2. theschtickler

    Showing the "open" window hangs any app

    So, I did a couple of things, and it seems to have worked ok.... First I re-patched my sata leads making sure that the dvd went into the sata0 port, and my hdds after that. I also cleared my caches using Cocktail. I didn't turn off spotlight. Been using it very heavily the last couple of days and no problems.
  3. theschtickler

    Showing the "open" window hangs any app

    OK, I'm gonna try just with the clearing all caches thing first, as Spotlight is way too useful to turn off. Will see how it goes! Thanks for your help.
  4. theschtickler

    Showing the "open" window hangs any app

    Hey Justin, I'm really not that knowledgeable with this stuff, but do you think the problem with showing the open dialog could be something do to with SATA issues? There's a couple of things that make me think this. Because its a system wide problem, I'm thinking that when the OS goes to show the open dialog, it scans all the available drives and maybe something is glitching there? Also I was having some issues with an external drive that I had plugged in thru eSATA, it would work fine for a while, but then if you clicked on it in the finder, it would beachball too. Anyway, thats the best I could come up with, anyone care to add to this, or tell me that I'm totally barking up the wrong tree?
  5. theschtickler

    Showing the "open" window hangs any app

    Thanks, I'll post if I work out anything as well.
  6. theschtickler

    Showing the "open" window hangs any app

    Bump, anyone? I have a feeling it has something to do with fonts... I never had this issue on my mac, so just trying to work out what might be causing this... Thanks
  7. Hi there, I've just started having this issue today and I was wondering if anyone else had experienced the same issue. Everything will run fine for a while, then when I got to File>Open in any program, it will beachball before showing the open dialog box, and I will have to force quit the app. Once its happened once, it will do it from then on in every application, until you restart the machine. I can drag and drop onto the dock to avoid the issue, but I always use the keyboard shortcuts, so this is driving me kinda mad! Pressing Apple-O causes the hang as well. It always works fine for a time, say 5 mins to a couple of hours, then it gets starts hanging.... Anyone got any clues where to start? Thanks i7 920 | GA-EX85-UDP5 | NVIDIA 9800GT | 10.6.1
  8. Hey there, Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue? Every now and again when I wake the machine from sleep, I just get a screen full of static, like a blank tv channel.... If I pull out the DVI lead and plug it back in, it seems to work fine again, but would be awesome to kill it off completely. Any ideas? i7 920 | GA-EX85-UDP5 | NVIDIA 9800GT | 10.6.1