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  1. Hi all. I used iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 as a starting point. It installs on the VAIO FZ-340E and on my Intel 955XBK, both have GeForce. (Vaio = 965, C2D T7350, 2GB+1GB, 250GB SATA, DVD-RW PATA, GF 8400M GT 256MB, FireWire, USB, IWI4965, Yukon?, HDMI, SD/MS reader, Webcam (doesn't work as said here in the forum, but Leo knows it's there since it ask to take my picture on install) Then I've tried all the BOOT-132 CDs that I could find, the only Chameleon 2 RC2 CD I could create, and there's no way to boot the vanilla SL DVD. Even installing from iDeneb, at reboot, it fails to do so. I've used Chameleon on the HDD but since the DVD drive is PATA I had no luck with it. I decided to put SL on USB, and installed Chameleon on it. It boots like a charm on the text mode. (on the Vaio, on the 955XBK it just keeps rebooting, I read something about it, but had no extra time to play with). Well, after entering the Graphical Interface, I get the mouse cursor (on SL the pad does not work so I had to use an external USB mouse). I can move the cursor, but nothing happens. (no dialog shows) If I press the shutdown button for around 500msec I get the spinning wheel rotating erratically (slows down, stops for some seconds) then, if I keep the computer alive, it keeps moving. No disk, USB or DVD activity. If I stop pressing keys then it seems to turn off the screen and enter on power saving and will never go back. Any clues? Maybe I missed to put some kexts there, the USB has the plain vanilla SL DVD and chameleon manually installed. But it seems to work ok to boot. If I try '-x' it will kernel panic (can't remember on which module). Thanks in advance.
  2. Pre-made Chameleon Boot CD Like Boot-132

    The iso is not here anymore, right? I just could catch a tiff