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  1. A neat tool for VMWare

    Sorry to hear that. My expertise is fairly limited, so I can't really help you any further.
  2. A neat tool for VMWare

    I got the second one at first. I popped the DVD out of my main drive and put it in my second DVD drive, Troubleshoot-->Reset and was running...
  3. I ran across this the other day and it allowed me to run osX86 in VMWare where I could not manage to get the osX installer to find my hard drives for a hard drive install, no matter what I tried. All I had to do was go here and build a virtual machine... EASYVMX
  4. New Build OSx86

    Well, I was looking for some hardware for a new budget build, and came across this. Thought some people may be interested as it appears to be compatible w/ OSx86, and is very inexpensive. I think I may order this tomorrow. Does anyone have any reason why this wouldn't be any good?? Budget OSx86 Box
  5. First questions is simple: If I build a new computer can I just purchase a copy of OSX from Apple, or do I have to jump through hoops to get it to work? Either way is fine, I just want to take the path of least resistance... Second Question: I plan on building a new box next month and would like to dual boot Windows and OSX. What are some opinions on Hardware (mainly which core 2 duo CPU and motherboard)?