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  1. It's fully possible to upgrade the 2009 imac with the graphics card from a 2010 imac. Checkout the following link: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/302912...=0&tstart=0 would like to find out if its possible to fit a 2011 6970m in a 2010 imac.
  2. submarauder

    Trackpad Issues

    Hi guys! i`m having a strange problem with my trackpad, when i touch it the mouse pointer goes all crazy, it is impossible to control. I have tried some of the kexts I found on this site but they dosen`t seem to do the trick. Anyone know ha solution for this problem? I`m using iDeneb and OS X 10.5.7 Thanks for any suggestion!
  3. submarauder

    Witch Wificard

    Hi, i got a AspireONE 250D and I want to have a stable wifi connection, so i found out that i should probably change my wifi card since it is not supported by OSX. Anyone have any suggestion? What works best? it needs to be a PCIe mini card. Thanks for any answers.
  4. submarauder

    Guide to install mac os x on acer aspire one d250

    i can`t get my wifi adapter to work tried the 2 atheros kexts and the broadcom. Any idea?