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  1. Simple Broadcom Wirless Tutorial

    i think I'm about to have this working on my PC ( Latitude D810 ) but I'm missing a step. My Dell Truemobile 1450 seems to be recognized, if I type 'ifconfig' in my terminal I see the 'en0' device with the correct MAC address, but it doesn't show up as an airport device, and I don't see it in 'Network' under my System Preferences. What's the missing link? EDIT: i downloaded and tried the app called 'iStumbler'. I can see my wi-fi network (using WEP), but whenever I click 'Airport -> Join' nothing happens. Also, If I click the Airport icon on the top-right, I can see some settings, but when I want to list network ports, the Airport device is grayed out, and there's an 'Integrated Ethernet' which doesn't exist in my system (I have not patched my broadcom netxxtreme yet). Last one... i tried editing the NetworkInterfaces.plist file and change 'en0' to 'en1', but the file seems to turn back to 'en0' at every reboot. Using macos 10.4.7 jas updated with 10.4.8 sse2 jas update.