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  1. Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    I have an USB issue since I updated to 8.8.1. No USB at all, then I tried many thing and I could only get USB 1 devices working. No way to get mounted USB2 devices even in "only USB1" in bios (but I can see it in system profiler...) See here Here is my today's experience, can someone explain this : Well I just tired to reinstall IOUSBFamily from the Apple Debug Kit. Then no more USB working at all (USB1 or USB2 simply nothing) So I installed this driver and now I went back to the previous situation... USB1 working. USB2 devices appear in system profiler but don't want to mount I thought this driver was only for USB2 but it only make me usb1 working! Well does anyone have a solution for this?
  2. USB 2.0 Not Working (but 1.1 is)

    I rode that thread quite fast but I thinck you have the same problem I do. I've made a trhead also about that if you want to have a look : HERE By the way I didn't find any solution for that specific problem. USB2.0 hardware (ipod, hard drive...) can't mount but the hardware's batteries are charging (does that make sense?). In other word, regarding to my iPod, my computer is only a simple AC plug... But USB 1 hardware (USB key) is fully working (at least). Wired I still have this problem with USB2 hardware when I disable USB2 in BIOS options. Well I'm also still looking for solution.
  3. USB not working anymore

    No, that didn't change anything to me. I still have my ipod not mounted. Actually, with default bios setting (USB 2 enabled), I just had today my iPod mounted for 5 minutes then OSX gave me the error message about bad ejection of the USB device (but I didn't try to eject anything!!! wired). From that nothing else, back to the "non-working" situation.
  4. USB not working anymore

    Solved!!!! I just reinstall OSX over my OSX version using Jas DVD (update) and it's now working Well actually only USB key is working everything like iPod or other mp3 player isn't still working. It look like every hardware using power supply from the USB isn't mounting in OSX.... Any solutions????
  5. USB not working anymore

    Yes it would be nice. I tried so many things.... But just to be sure : you don't any plugged USB displayed anywhere, it's not only related to USB2. I saw something new and wired : I boot ... plug the iPod The Ipod say it is connected, I see it in system profiler but nothing in finder Start USB probe (app from USB debug kit) Unplugg the iPod Replug I get less than before : nothing appens anymore : nothing in system profiler AND on the iPod. It's like USB disappear totally I had a response from orbyte in another topic you can check it. I won't be there for the week end so I couldn't try anything. For information I upgrade 10.4.8 (8.4.1 kernel) to 10.4.8 (8.8.1 kernel) using an installer from Jas available on IRC during december. I didn't use any install DVD or so, just an upgrade. Tell me if you install 10.4.8 from the actual DVD. If so, I will avoid to download 4Gb for nothing... Something more : I rode a post in the quoted topic that say that someone had trouble with USB on A8V after using video driver... I also never try any bootflag on startup, you never know. Let me know if you find a solution or more information USB legacy : On or Off or Auto : no changes at all. On previous version of the kernel USB was working on Auto with 10.4.3 IOUSBFamily.kext. I didn't have to change these setting to make it work. I don't know if itr comes from here Mice & keyboard : PS2. My only USB need is for HD, iPod and camera And we must get it!!! Regards PS : sorry for the english
  6. NVIDIA 6600GT (AGP) Dual DVI Working, Anyone?

    Don't know if it helps but I have a 6600GT (leadtek) with 1DVI output and 1 VGA. I can only get the DVI output working.... And no way to make VGA working
  7. Hi, I have a strange issue with my USB ports. They are detected in system profiler but if I try to plug something nothing happens. The hardware doesn't show in finder or desktop. If I try to plug my iPod I can charge batteries but the iPod doesn't dispaly that it is connected. I tried PCGENUSB with no luck. The only thing is that once I saw the iPod displayed in sytem profiler (under High Speed USB) and the iPod displayed it was connected but nothing in finder and desktop.... I tried USB legacy changes in bios and nothing. I also tried previous version of IOUSBFamily.kext with........... no luck. I have to precise that these USB ports were working with 10.4.8 (8.4.1 kernel) and IOUSBFamily.kext from 10.4.3 My mobo : ASUS A8V Deluxe Does anyone have a solution for this problem. That's the last thing I have to get a perfectly working system ! Please help me Thanx PS : Attached pictures are snapshot while the iPod was plugged
  8. Generic USB2.0 (EHCI) Driver

    Hi, I'm having some problem with my USB ports. They are not working : I can't see hardware mounted anywhere when plugged but USB ports are detected in system profil. When I use this driver I can't see them mounted also but in system profil in usb section I can see under High speed "iPod" when my iPod is connected for exemple. If I check the finder or the desktop this ipod is not there even in iTune. In general without this driver i have nothing realated to usb, and whith it i just can see it in system profiler. I try many methods to fix that (USB legacy in bios, with or whitout this driver...) but still nothing. Previous version of IOUSBFamily give me no more usb detected in system profile and error message at startup (yellow lines and stuff) My specs : Asus A8V Deluxe AMD Athlon 64 (SSE2) OSX 10.4.8 kernel 8.8.1 beta9 exp6 Nvidia 6600GT fully working wit natit (installer) I have to specify that they were working with the previous version of the kernel AND IOUSBFamily.kext from 10.4.3 Do you need some more information? Help would be greatly appreciated Thanx in advance
  9. Hi, Just to give my feedback. I had a working installation of 10.4.8 (Jas combo update) then I applied the Jas 10.4.8 update with semthex beta9. Solved small issue with mouse and display (i was using titan, i just removed it). Then I get a working installation : 10.4.8 with 8.8.1kernel in VESA mode. From that I used natit installer and I get my leadtek 6600GT AGP 128mb fully working. I didn't use pacifist to get some kext, didn't edit any plist and so. It just simply worked at the first try. I have now quicktime, VLC... fully working without trouble, choppy sound or choppy display. Well I actually only have DVI working (VGA doesn't work but i had the same problem with titan) and TVout if i boot with the monitor unplugged (only TV plugged) Did you try titan or is there any reason you prefer using Titan instead of natit considering that natit have a good installer (with all needed instruction in case of problem)
  10. Auto Update on Mac software

    It will, so avoid....
  11. [How to] Fully working - Beta9 SSE2

    No I don't think so as long as you can boot from another OS and access to the OSX partition/disk and backup your datas... Do that first before trying anything else. If you have XP, try Macdrive it's a software that allow you to access HFS partition from the Explorer, for linux I don't know. Well you'll need to plug a DVD drive, at least temporary. It seems that it is not a problem comming from your permissions. But try to give more detail, I never saw this box. As long as it's a beta version AND the experimental one, and as you said yourself you're a totally noob (close to my posistion) you should try to wait a fully tested released and look for stable versions where there is a lot of support on it. After you'll recover your data format and reinstall 10.4.7 wich was working. I will do that myself for sure. BETA testing shouldn't take a long time considering how fast are working all these developpers But if you want to go further, try to connect to the IRC and ask for some help. There people could help you maybe.
  12. [How to] Fully working - Beta9 SSE2

    Right (but I'm not a seasoned veterand). What you need : a working installation of MacOSX (mine was 10.4.8 already from Jas 10.4.8 combo update) Jas 10.4.8 update with semthex kernel beta 9 (choose the one you need AMD or INTEL). OPTIONAL : Natit installer from NeoPheus A couple of beers and luck What I should have done (please don't consider it like a guide but what worked for me, I'm not an expert then I'm not sure it could work with everybody) : backup up important datas (burn a DVD or something else) Open terminal : sudo -s and enter your password mkdir /thenameofyourbackupfolder (create an extension folder backup - name it as you want) cp -R /system/library/extensions /thenameofyourbackupfolder (backup your actual extensions folder) [*]Apply Jas update [*]Go back to terminal and : rm /system/library/extensions.kextcache rm /system/library/extensions.mkext mkdir /thenameofyourbackupfolder/8.8.1backup (create another backup directory to save some new extensions coming with Jas update) cp -R /system/library/extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext /thenameofyourbackupfolder/8.8.1backup (if you have a PS2 mouse - this is to avoid a non working mouse to the next reboot) cp -R /thenameofyourbackupfolder/extensions/ApplePS2Controller.kext /system/library/extensions (still if you have a PS2 mouse - to get it working) mv /system/library/extensions/Titan.kext /thenameofyourbackupfolder/8.8.1backup (if you have it, to prevent display issue - that's what I get) [*]Go to Utilities -> Disk utilities (I don't have OSX in english so i don't konw the exact name) and repair permissions [*]Go back to terminal and type : update_prebinding -root / -force (see Rammjet post for more detail of this step) [*]Reboot with -v -x -f flags : it should be working so you can try to reboot without flag [*]If your computer is still OK and normally booting, your video card need some extra kext to work then you can use the natit installer to make it work (read the installation dialog box carrefully, this installer is very good and explain what to do in case of problem). [*]Reboot again and you're done (well, that was my case) I'm not discussing about small issues that can be fixed following instruction from other posts. For instance I solved my audio problem by re-replacing AppleAC97Audio.kext with the one that was working before, repairing permissions and now it's working.
  13. [How to] Fully working - Beta9 SSE2

    well I heard that there is some problem with the 7.x versions. Mine is 6.0.2 and that's enough for me. If you actually know a good tutorial for an update I take it
  14. [How to] Fully working - Beta9 SSE2

    IT WORKS. Thanks a lot to Semthex, Jas and all other people developing and/or helping. MB : A8V Deluxe CPU : AMD atlhon 64 3000+ (SSE2) Graphic card : leadtek 6600GT : not working with titan (black screen with white dots) but FULLY working using the natit installer - just perfect (QE/CI...) Concerning installation process this is what I have done (not the best way but it worked) : backup up important datas (I actually was very trustfull to Jas and semthex work to install the new kernel on my working system considering it is the only one system I have ) backup extensions (very important) applying Jas update (AMD SSE2) repair permissions via the terminal boot with -v => i get this black screen with white dot instead of the GUI (meaning that the booting process was passed) boot again with -v -f -x => no more display problem but I saw my mouse (PS2) wasn't working boot using a DVD install : replace the ApplePS2Controller.kext in system/library/extensions with a previous one (from my extension backup) Move Titan.kext to somewhere else repair permission update_prebinding -root /volumes/MacOSX -force reboot : everything was working except sound (card not detected), Graphic card already recognized as NVidia chown & chmod on AppleAC97Audio.kext to get sound (i don't know why i had to do that but it helped) installing natit (using installer) reboot and I get a fully working machine (except sound i only have left channel, I'll try to fix this small issue later - i still doesn't understand as long as this kext was working before and doesn't seems to have been replaced durng the update process : same date/size...) Well I don't know what if update_prebinding step was really necessary but what I saw is that PS2 controller (mousse) and titan wasn't working after this update. So I just have to fix these 2 issues to get the whole thing working. Maybe you can prevent this two issues befor the first reboot and avoid using the install DVD. I now have to test every appz but Quicktime Itune, about this mac (speed is 0MHz), firefox, toast are perfectly working. THANKS AGAIN