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  1. Get 8GB of ram

    Sorry to dig up an old thread, but After I patch, my boot gets stuck at CheckSleepCapability. Also, on the last step of the patch, I get a Segmentation Fault error. Any suggestions? EDIT: Fixed. Installed Legacy kernel and now boots with force64.
  2. Yes, I removed all GEforce, Nvda, and ATI. And Intel GMA, too. Not sure what model the onboard graphics are (they don't show as long as the Nvidia card is active). I tried disabling the PCI-E card in the BIOS before booting, plugged my monitor into the onboard port. No luck.
  3. Installed iPC 10.5.6 on my HP Pavillion d6000. Installed OK, but when I boot with -v, it sticks at "NTFS Volume name ... Version 3.1. Boots fine in safe mode (-x) Have two hard drives, one with Data, and one with my OSX/Windows 7 partitions. Tried removing all graphics kexts. Same result. Tried booting with all flags I could think of, (GraphicsEnabler=yes, no, -f -s etc. etc.) Installed ONLY Voodoo kernel and some applications. Nothing else. After install, the first boot (with -v -f) makes it to the grey screen with the cursor, just before the login window should appear, but hangs there. No Beach Ball. Subsequent boots stuck at NTFS volume. OSX boots just fine in safe mode. My configuration: HP Pavilion d6000 AMD Athlon II X4 640 Foxconn 2ab1 Motherboard, AMD 785g chipset NVIDIA GEforce GT520 PCI-E (Also tried onboard ATI Graphics, same result) Since the config boots in safe mode, I've still got some hope. Any help would be appreciated. =]
  4. What to do, what to do. I recently came into possesion of an old iMac g3 (the blue one. Summer?). I took out the guts, and the crt, and now it's just sitting around. I'm thinking about putting a radio in it or something. Any ideas? I'm not turning it into a fish tank.
  5. Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    Awesome! Thanks so much for taking a stab at this. I wanted to give the LETHALintel thing a shot. Where would I find the package/application?