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  1. It appears that the link to the newest version of the script (4.5.2) is broken. All I get is a "Not Found!" message. Thanks.
  2. Well... after nearly 2 days of trial and error, I finally figured out a solution... which seems quite simple now. I'll describe my solution for anyone that has the same problem or is curious. It turns out that the solution to my first problem seems to have caused the second problem - i.e. for whatever reason when ATY_init.kext is in S/L/E, my screen doesn't wake from sleep, but when it is in Extra, wake up works fine. So I realized I had to go back to the drawing board to solve the graphics problem. It turns out it was an easy fix. I just had to repair permissions and then ATY_init.kext worked in Extra as before. So, to summarize, the only step I missed was the repair permissions. My kext setup is now exactly the same as under 10.6.1, but I have replaced the old SleepEnabler with the one posted on this forum.
  3. Sorry... There was a typo in my post, I meant that the screen does NOT turn on after wake. Do you get KP if you try to plug in a USB device after the system wakes up? This happens to me every time with the netkas kext.
  4. I have been experiencing a few hiccups in the upgrade to 10.6.2. My system seems to be a pretty standard one (UD5 w/ 9E BIOS, i7-920@stock, 9800GTX+). Everything was running great under 10.6.1... I am attaching a screen shot of the kext setup I had. No significant changes were made to the standard plists other than that I added a EFI string for LAN in order to get netflix streaming to work. I upgraded my second (basically identical) partition to 10.6.2, following the instructions above. When I first booted in, my graphics were not working properly - according to system profiler, I only had 32MB VRAM. I fixed this by moving ATY_init from Extra to System. The next problem was that sleep did not work properly in 10.6.2. I believe there are two versions of SleepEnabler.kext for 10.6.2 - one posted in this forum as well as other places, and one posted on netkas.org. Neither worked. With the one posted here, the screen did turn on after wake from sleep, and with the netkas SleepEnabler, I get KP after wake from sleep. Anyone have any advice or ideas? I would really like to have sleep working in 10.6.2
  5. Thanks. That works great! The only thing I will say is that putting sleepenabler.kext into Extra causes kernel panics for me upon wake from sleep in certain instances (e.g. plugging in a usb thumb drive after wake up). Keeping sleepenabler.kext to system seems to work, though.
  6. Oddly enough, running ./ifconfig shows that PROMISC is still activated after sleep, but Bonjour doesn't work. However disabling promisc using ./ifconfig en0 -promisc then re-enabling it: ./ifconfig en0 promisc brings Bonjour back. I guess that's going to have to be my work-around until I find a suitable kext that makes Bonjour work and doesn't have problems with sleep.
  7. Thanks Dith, This sort of solved my problem. I wanted to get both sleep and Bonjour working at the same time (obviously not exactly the same time, though .) The solution you posted does indeed get Bonjour to work. And using the RealtekR1000.kext allows sleep to work. However, after the computer wakes from sleep, Bonjour stops working properly. I think this must have something to do with network adaptor no longer being in promisc mode after sleep??? How do I check whether this is the case? Is there a way to automatically force the network adaptor into promisc mode upon wake from sleep? Or am I completely misreading the situation? Any other solutions? Thanks. EDIT: Running the ifconfig command again after waking from sleep does not seem to fix this issue, so my guess is that my original thought was wrong. I am using the version 1.8.1 of the RealTekR1000.kext in S/L/E, and I have also added a LAN EFI string to my boot.plist using the script (In order to get Netflix streaming to work properly).
  8. Has anyone gotten both Bonjour AND sleep to work at the same time? I seem to be having the same issues. With RealTekR1000, sleep works, but Bonjour doesn't. With AppleRTL8169Ethernet, Bonjour works, but sleep doesn't.
  9. Does the new BIOS have the new version of the AHCI BIOS (1.20E, I belive)? I heard boot times in AHCI mode are much quicker with the new version. See here for more: HINT: GIGABYTE BIOSes with newest+fast AHCI-BIOS included, "normal" BIOSes have old AHCI=looooooong Boottime
  10. I don't pretend to be any kind of expert in this, but I think I solved the sleep problem! Not 100% sure if this is what did it, but I repaired permissions using disk utility, and now sleep works! Also, maybe I'm not understanding something correctly, but as far as I know I am in 32-bit mode. My bootflags are -v -x32, and according to system profiler, 64-bit kexts are not enabled. So I don't know why people keep responding to my posts as if I'm trying to boot in 64-bit mode. For me, sound doesn't work with the default kexts on the UD5. Not a huge issue, because it seems to work with the ALC889a kext.
  11. Thanks... That fixed by shutdown problem. Two things... 1. Now that I check sleep doesn't work for me at all. The display never wakes up, so I don't even know if I have KPs. I guess I can live without sleep, but it would be nice to have it working. 2. How did you get sound to work on the UD5 without the ALC889a kext?
  12. Yes. It works. I modified the EFI string using the "Modify plists" option in the script.
  13. Hello... This is my first osx86 build. I finally managed to (mostly) figure out what I was doing and install everything. I have gotten almost everything to work except for two annoying things. 1. Ethernet issues - Probably the same as everyone else... It works sometimes, and sometimes it doesn't. When it doesn't, shutting down the machine, unplugging for 10 seconds and rebooting seems to work sometimes. But other times, my network settings (Using DHCP) don't correctly find the router, and my internet doesn't work. Last time I lost ethernet, I had to reboot about 3 times before it worked correctly - so very annoying. Question: Has anyone else found a fix for this besides buying the macbook air adapter or what I am already doing? 2. Shutdown - This doesn't work. When I choose shutdown, my computer logs out, and but doesn't turn off -- it reboots. Shutdown works perfectly in Windows. Question: Am I missing a kext for to enable shutdown? Kexts installed: ATA VERSION ARCH SIZE DESTINATION 1) AppleIntelPIIXATA.kext 2.5.1 x86_64 280K /Extra 2) IOAHCIBlockStorageInjector.kext 1.1.1 N/A 4K /System 3) JMicronATA.kext 1.0.0 x86_64 180K /System Audio 4) ALC889a.kext 99 N/A 72K /System 5) AppleHDA.kext 1.4.0a23 i386 1.2M /System 6) HDAEnabler.kext 1.0.0d1 i386 36K /System Graphics 7) ATY_Init.kext 1.0.0d1 i386 520K /System Networking 8) RealtekR1000.kext 1.8.1 x86_64 204K /System Misc Patches 9) dsmos.kext 1.0.0d1 x86_64 76K /Extra 10) fakesmc.kext 1 x86_64 116K /System 11) NullCPUPowerManagement.kext 1.0.0d2 x86_64 116K /Extra 12) OpenHaltRestart.kext 1.0.3 x86_64 100K /Extra 13) PlatformUUID.kext 1.0.0 x86_64 104K /Extra 14) Sleepenabler.kext 1.0.0 x86_64 132K /Extra My System: Mobo: GA-EX58-UD5 CPU: i7 920 @2.66Ghz GPU: EVGA 9800GTX+ RAM: 6GB DDR3
  14. OK. I am a complete newbie at this. I just got my hardware, and luckily for me, this thread is ready right at the same time I am. So, I hooked up my new HDD to my MBP running Snow Leopard, formatted and ran the script. After asking for my password the first thing I see is: "IMPROPER OS! This script will only run on Leopard or Snow Leopard OS!" Interestingly, the 4.0(RC) version doesn't give me this message, but I would rather try out the new installer. Any advice?