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  1. Random freeze and SATA LED on

    I can now say with certainty that the cause of my problem was the Agressive Link Power Management. It did not had to do with Trim enabled. So if you have High Sierra installed on SSD and with APFS on the Root Volume (10.13 - 10.13.2) and encounter sudden freezes with the SATA LED constantly on, you have to disable Agressive Link Power Management in your BIOS. This is on a X79 Supermicro X9Dai.
  2. Random freeze and SATA LED on

    I did disable Trim and sata agressive link power management at the same time. No freeze since then. Also not with 10.13.1.
  3. Random freeze and SATA LED on

    Hi, thanks. Yeah, I did disable Trim and sata agressive link power management at the same time. So I can not exactly say what the root cause was. But no freeze since then.
  4. Random freeze and SATA LED on

    Hi, can you try to disable sata agressive link power management and test? I am not sure but my system had no freeze since then
  5. Hi, I managed to run my X9Dai X79 with dual E5-2670 v1 Sandy Bridge including Power Management on High Sierra. All fine except I get random freeze of the System. Sometimes it runs a day or more, then I get freeze all half an hour. At every freeze, the Disk LED is constantly on. I do not get crash reports or anything. Have to power cycle, but System boots without Error Message or anything. Nothing special in the logs, also I kept Console Log open and no unusual activity before the freezes. More freezes I suspect when the System SSD (Crucial, APFS) is under load but can not confirm really. Is there any way I can debug this? Its really annoying. Thanks all for help. Sierra however worked without flaws. Attached my ready to boot clover config (UEFI) with Serial and UUID stripped. (Need to regenerate). Just add serial and uuid and copy to EFI Partition. Thanks! EFI.zip
  6. Supermicro X9Dai DSDT

    Hi Graham, Renesas USB3.0 is no luck at the moment, i never found anything. MacPro5,1 does not have Turbo modes and C-States so PM does not work. You need MacPro6,1 to enable SSDT PM. So if you use MacPro6,1 you must edit inside /S/L/E the IOUSBHostFamily.kext/Contents/Plugins/AppleUSBEHCIPCI.kext/Contents/Info.plist (Disable CSR by adding 0x67 to clover and reboot first) Delete the Entry for MacPro6,1-EHC1 under IOKitPersonalities, and duplicate both Entries for MacPro5,1-EHC1 and -EHC2 and rename them to MacPro6,1-EHC1 and -EHC2. After that you should get PM running again with your ssdt and usb2.0 and ethernet. Dont forget to apply the AICPMPatch and install the x79Platformplugin. Also google AGDPfix and apply it before you reboot so you don´t get the black screen. Then recreate prelinked kernel and caches and reboot. When reboot is lucky, disable csr by changing to 0x0 in clover. I would reccomend enable screen sharing and ssh so you could connect to the system even if you have the black screen and/or not working usb from another mac or vnc client. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/306777-guide-usb-fix-el-capitan-1011/ http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/306734-sandy-bridge-e-ivy-bridge-e-power-management-1011-final-app-store-realease/ Best of luck, and very cool pair of processors you have there. My money was only good for two 2670v1 :-) Also with el capitan i observed multithreading is working again. I decided to stay with macpro5,1 and without hyperthreading/PM, it gives me 29000geekbench. By enabling PM with turbo and ssdt and HT, geekbench was down to 24k. I did not had the time to debug this. Mike
  7. Supermicro X9Dai DSDT

    If you followed my steps and used the files i provided above, you should have working USB and LAN without patching anything. Try to disable csr with clover (0x67) and boot with -v -f or regenerate kextcache and prelinked kernel with kextwizard or similar. The Blue USB3.0 Ports however I never got working with the RENESAS Chip and I gave up for the time beeing.
  8. Hi, I have implemented PM with my Dual Sandy E5-2670. Now, with El Capitan 10.11.2 all 32 Logical Cores work. PM works as well and also Turbo Mode. I used the X79PlatformPlugin.kext as well as the AICPMPatch for MSR and the Clover Patch for AICPM kext, all with the MacPro6,1 SMBIOS. But when I run Geekbench with the 6,1 SMBIOS and PM enabled, the Rig scores app. 24000, but single CPU app. 2400. When I run the Rig with MacPro5,1 without PM, it scores app 33500, single CPU 1870, both times Hyperthreading enabled. This is strange, could it be connected to Turbo Mode latency? I changed the BIOS Settings to Performance. Regards, Mike
  9. Supermicro X9Dai DSDT

    Which DSDT do you use? Hopefully not the one of this thread above. I thought I posted the complete EFI Folder content on the other site regarding the i350 Ethernet Problem? Here again the EFI Folder, SMBIOS Lacks of UUID and Board Serial, so add a UUID by using uuidgen command in terminal and create a serial by using 17 Alphanumeric characters. Try adapting the Clover generated Serial Number. To install do the following: 1. Disable Hyperthreading (no more than 16 logical cores are supported from yosemite up) and set ACPI to S3, change Boot to UEFI but leave GFX and Storage Controller BIOS to Legacy), check that your BIOS is updated to the latest.) 2. Download the Mac OSX on a real mac (maybe a Laptop) 3. Attach your Hack System Disk externally with USB 4. Install OSX on the external Disk (Reboot into new Installation, complete it) 5. Reboot into your Real Macs System, leaving the USB Disk attached 6. Download recent Clover and install it onto the Hack System Disk (check twice to choose the proper disk) 7. Mount the Hack System Disks EFI Folder (diskutil list, diskutil mount diskXs1) 8. Copy attached clover Folders over the generated EFI/CLOVER Folder, replace the ACPI, kexts folder and config.plist in your EFI/CLOVER Folder on your Hack System Disk EFI Partition 9. Download Clover Configurator. Regenerate a SMBIOS - I use Macpro5,1 10. Open Terminal, issue uuidgen. Copy/Paste UUID into SMBIOS smUUID Field 11. Copy generated Serial Number into Board Serial Number Field. Add Random Alphanumeric Digits to the end until you count 17 Total 12. If you have more than 8 Memory Slots Populated, create the Memory Slots manually with the proper data (Serial number is not important) 13. Go to the Hack Disk in Terminal (cd /Volumes/Hack System Disk/System/Library/Caches and delete (rm -rf ./com.apple.kext.caches) 14. Plug Disk into your Hack and boot. Go into Bios and ad the Disk in Boot UEFI Menu. 15. Go into Clover Boot config menu and add -v -f to the list) Thing should now boot. If not, try using nv_disable=1 Archive.zip
  10. Try to change pci slot of nvidia. Helped me with supermicro x9dai. Also, depends on webdriver iteration, sometimes i get lags with wd installed, sometimes with original drivers.
  11. Why don't you do it simple? Attach the disk externally to Mac (USB), start the installer from Application, choose the external disk and install, reboot into the new installation, finish then reboot into original. Then install clover to the external disk, add Fakesmc to clover kext folder and put disk into the hack. There you go...
  12. Can anyone tell me what SMBIOS i should use with Dual E5-2670 Sandy Bridge-EP to get most of the p-c and turbo states with the patched AICPUPM and ssdtprgen? Thanks,
  13. Hi, How can I determine if my Board has locked MSR? Thanks for the great work!
  14. See attached Screenshot of the Clover Section. (only the entries containing Appleusbxhci) Regards
  15. Hi, no solution so far. Please post to this ticket so the Clover Developer see that there is a Problem http://sourceforge.net/p/cloverefiboot/tickets/181/