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  1. Yeh I don't know why its doing it. When you install yours does it automatically set it to en0 and en1? I managed to work around it, I didn't try what you suggested cause I got it working. Kinda. In NetworkInterface.plist I change en3 (one of the ethernet ports) to en0 and left the other ethernet port (which is the only one with an ethernet cable in it) set to en2. So the en0 tricks final cut, and my en2 gives me a connections. I tried change both to en0 and en1 but then my network just didn't work at all. Was such a pain. But its ok now I can live with it as it is. Now I'm facing a new problem. When I upgrade to 10.5.8, it works fine, until a install the HDA kexts. I get a kernel panic. Seems like the 10.5.8 update doesn't like the kexts. It works fine when i load them in 10.5.7. Any ideas why? Cheers
  2. Hey DD, How did you manage to get your ethernet adapters to come up as en0 and en1, mine come up as en2 and en3. I also have a EX58-UD5, and it is crucial for me to have one of them come up as en0 so I can use Final Cut Pro. Suggestions?
  3. Hey guys, I had the same problem as most did with starting up Final Cut Pro. I deleted networkinterface.plist rebooted and WOOOT it worked. But my internet does not. In fact my whole ethernet doesn't work. Is this something I have to live with or can I find a way of getting both to work. It would be awesome if I could! Jono