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  1. a problem with newer (for help!)10.4.6

    oh ,the board is a AMD one!is the intel easyer than AMD? and my problem can't be a hardware one,because i use the vmware to install the mac ,i just for spending the time of working ,it's boring! actually, i've no idea with what macos is and the way it works!
  2. a problem with newer (for help!)10.4.6

    3Q you are kind-hearted person,i have rebooted it nearky for one day,no use, unika uc61vms le1100 kingston 1G/667 seagate 80G sata
  3. a problem with newer (for help!)10.4.6

    yeah i know ,but i have downloaded a later version ,it can't be installed.so i want to use the earlier version which i think will be ok! who knows! the same!
  4. today my first time of mac install,i have cast one day for download the iso kf mac,and install it correctly,when reboot the vm,it stop at the black screen with the last line that no airport driver found, and no response to any key i pressed! the stop screen is the picture blow,who can tell me what the problem is!thank U all! why ???? the picture can not shown????
  5. If You Have a P35C-DS3R, then you NEED THIS!

    what is it for? the install guide for a pc with p35????