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  1. any way to get sound out of the headset-plug? i don't care if it mutes the internal speakers or not.
  2. ok, here goes. i installed it like the guide told me to, and everything went just fine. everything seems to work except for the microphone, camera and ethernet. then today i upgraded from xp to windows 7 on the other partition, and went from 1 to 2GB ram. after i installed windows 7 darwin failed to boot, so i reinstalled OSX, and now everything is stuttering.. it's like it locks up every 10'th second or so for a couple of seconds. the ram is just as fast as the old one, and windows 7 is running flawlessly.. any suggestions? edit: i'm not quite sure why i keep on posting questions here when i usually find the answer within minutes. i forgot that i tried installing that other atheros kext for some reason, and that was what made osx sluggish, well.. problem solved.