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  1. estravagancia

    P6TD Deluxe / M Lion Ok but slow boot

    thanks a lot for post the info now boots faster
  2. estravagancia


    solved. I selected first option from plus sign. Is the second one...
  3. estravagancia


    did you had success with 5.1 audio? can you select surround 5.1 on audio/midi configuration? I can select only Stereo This is what i get: Thanks and best regards from Spain
  4. estravagancia

    [GUIDE] Lion 10.7 on Asus X58 (LGA 1366) i7 9xx

    Thanks! running audio, lan, gtx275 @1920x1200 on an Asus P6T deluxe v2 os x 10.7.2 Best regards from Spain
  5. estravagancia


    I followed the steps, but doesn't works on my p6t deluxe can you post your dsdt.aml thanks in advance ...the rig was when I installed snow; time ago. But same hardware components today