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  1. Updated to Catalina, and also have a new Apple Watch. Upgrade from Mojave went great, only updated some kexts for the Wifi/bluetooth to make bluetooth work.Airdrop, Handoff etc. all work like a charm. Sidecar is also enabled (but I don't have the iPad, so can't test). However, the Apple Watch features are not there. I've went to System Report, and noticed in my Wifi that "Auto Unlock: True" isn't there at all. How come? I've read some success stories with my Wifi/BT chip, which is: Broadcom BCM94352Z NGFF Dual Band 802.11ac 867M Wifi BT 4.0 Lenovo FRU 04X6020 I'm using these kexts from Headkaza, which were needed to get Bluetooth to work: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/339175-brcmpatchram2-for-1015-catalina-broadcom-bluetooth-firmware-upload/ Wifi is working great, 5GHZ, full speed. So I'm pretty lost on how to get this "Auto Unlock: True" enabled. Extra info about my system: Processor: Intel Core i5 8400 Videocard: Radeon RX 570 4GB Motherboard: ASRock Z370M-ITX/ac Replaced my Intel wifi chip with the BCM94352Z SMBIOS: Retina 5K 27" 2017
  2. Upgraded to MacOS Sierra GM from the latest El Capitan. Installation went fine. I have a GA-H87N-WIFI mainboard with a Intel HD4600 videochip. I use the BCM94352HMB chip for Bluetooth & Wifi. Using the latest Clover with a DSDT and SDST. Never had any problems like this before. When I try to boot in Sierra, I get a weird kernel panic about my network kexts. com.insanelymac.ALXEthernet (don't know what this is) com.apple.iokit.IONetworkFamily com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily. I use the BCM94352HMB for my Bluetooth & Wifi. Patched them in El Capitan and they worked fine. Read something about problems and already applied the provided find/replace fix from that topic. The Kernel Panic didn't go away though. Tried to boot with No Kernel Cache, Safe-mode, Single user mode, no-DSDT etc. The KP will not go away In the attachment my screenshot where you can see the error(s). Hope someone can help me! EDIT: Already fixed! Simply removed the ALXEthernet.kext and I got in. Already fixed the Wifi, so now I only need to fix the sound and I'm good to go
  3. Dannydeman

    Update process from latest EL Capitan

    I always run Carbon Copy Cloner before I do crazy stuff
  4. Tonight I want to try to upgrade to Sierra from the Appstore. I've had previous success with updating through the appstore because my hardware is very compatible with OSX it seems. First I will update to the latest clover of course. I have a GA-H87N-WIFI mainboard with a Intel HD4600 videochip. I use the BCM94352HMB chip for Bluetooth & Wifi. The Wifi and Bluetooth are my main concern. Will it keep working? Or do I need to fix some stuff after the upgrade process?
  5. Dannydeman

    BCM94352HMB Bluetooth & Wifi: Speed Problems

    USB was fine I guess, because I solved the problem. I changed my internal network to 5GHZ and now the Bluetooth lag is gone. I still think it's weird that it could happen, maybe Apple's driver isn't that good? I saw some complaints from 'real' Mac users as well.
  6. Dannydeman

    BCM94352HMB Bluetooth & Wifi: Speed Problems

    All my USB ports work fine. What kind of problem are we talking about? And how can I begin to debug this?
  7. I have the AzureWave Broadcom BCM94352HMB chip installed on my GA-H87N-WIFI. Bluetooth and Wifi both work. Unfortunately I noticed a huge bug. When I am downloading at highspeed (when it goes above 60mbit on speedtest.net) my bluetooth connection gets very choppy (mouse pointer is lagging etc.) When I turn off Bluetooth or disconnect the mouse, the downloadspeed is higher as well. How can I fix this? I already tried different antenna's, problems is the same.
  8. I need the 10.8. now it uses the 10.6 USB drivers, because without a DSDT my GA-P55-USB3 needs it for USB to work Will look in my install, thanks..
  9. I have an almost perfect system at the moment. The only thing that doesn't work is sleep. Before I used a DSDT, I used the USB Rollback. I looked at everything, and I strongly believe the rollback broke the sleep-support. The problem is that I can't find the original IOUSBFamily.kext and IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext anywhere, so I can't change them back. So can someone please share them or give me a link? Google wan't much of a help..
  10. Dannydeman

    P55-USB3 Wake up issues

    Made some progress, installed the newest FakeSMC with the plugins and HWmonitor. It shows that my CPU is actually using speedstep, which is good news! Now back to sleep; I made no progress at all. I don't use any special Kext. I did however do the USB rollback before I used a DSDT, never bothered to restore the original USB kext because my system works great. Can this be the reason?
  11. Dannydeman

    P55-USB3 Wake up issues

    mm seems I have the wrong AppleRTC. Will try it with the file you provided, hopefully it'll work (maybe this fixes my Speedstep issues also..) EDIT: Doesn't seem to work for me. Don't notice any changes in the behavior with the new AppleRTC. The only Kext I use is the FameSMC.kext. I use the original TonyOSX DSDT.aml (rev2.0 F9) and did a AppleHDA rollback for the sound. System is almost vanilla. However, sleep just doesn't work, also Speedstep isn't working. This is very strange, because I'm sure I did everything by the book. ApplePowerManagement.kext is unmodified.
  12. Dannydeman

    P55-USB3 Wake up issues

    I have the p55-usb3 without nullcpupowermanagement, and with a DSDT. Sleep doesn't work, I have the same problem. USB powers down, monitor goes to black. The system however keeps running, and I need to power down to restart.
  13. Mountain Lion works perfect. I have a GA-P55-USB3 with a Core i5 750 CPU and a Nvidia GTX465. Bluetooth (after USB rollback), WIFI and my Graphics works out of the box. The minor things that doesn't work could be fixed with a DSDT (at least, that was the case in Lion). Unfortunately, a DSDT doesn't work in Mountain Lion it seems. I tried the one corresponding to my motherboard from Tonymacosx, but it results in a kernel panic. Doesn't really matter that much though, without the DSDT I just needed to do a USB rollback and some Audio stuff, and everything works fine as I'm used to. The one problem I have, which also isn't a big deal, is with restart. When I restart my PC, it seems that it works fine. The POST works fine, but when my BIOS want to detect my HDD's, it can't find any. So a restart doesn't really work, and I need to do a shutdown every time. If someone has some tips on my minor bugs, you are very much welcome! EDIT: Fixed a lot of things. DSDT works, found one on a forum (the one from Tony is messed up I guess?)! So no nullcpupowermanagement.kext anymore and removed some PCI stuff from my boot plist. The DSDT makes it also much easier when 10.8.1 will be released. I also experienced a popping sound, but now I downloaded a script for that (antipop) which prevents the sound from going to sleep. Works like a charm. EDIT2: Things I can't seem to fix are Speedstep. Use the iMac 11,1 smbios, enabled it in the bios.. just won't work it seems. Sleep also doesn't work (only turns off the monitor) and the restart issue is still there.
  14. My system needed a USB rollback, now everything works fine
  15. In a few days I will get my Magic Trackpad. I have a BT dongle which worked fine in Lion. But how do I check if it works with Mountain Lion without a BT device? I don't see a BT icon in the tray and don't see it in perferences. When I search for Bluetooth, I can click on it and it gives me this message: You can’t open the “Bluetooth” preferences pane because it is not available to you at this time. To see this preferences pane, you may need to connect a device to your computer. So..is it true there'll be no Bluetooth anywhere until I try to connect a device? or is the dongle not working in ML? Edit: under system information / Bluetooth I see: No information found. Tried several USB ports. Doesn't seem to work ?