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  1. I've got my system running SL, but i want to help create a compilation of files and a walk-through for other owners of the same M/B. I do not want to encourage poor implementation. Can someone explain how or when a kext file should be used in mkext, E\E folder or S\L\E folder? AND can or should they ever be included in more than one location? (kexts for system, audio/video/lan/ps2, etc.) A side question, is there a way of de-compiling mkext in SL? I'm trying to verify my mkext compilation and SL is currently my only install. Kext utility cannot seem to open the mkext.
  2. I'm using the two PS2 kexts in this thread... They seem to work fine. But one catch, when I boot up SL, I have to unplug and replug my ps/2 keyboard for it to work. Like I said, otherwise it's working just fine. Anyone know what's going on here that I might be missing, or a possible workaround?
  3. Thanks to H50!!...sound is now working. He did a proper edit to his DSDT file, along with the Legacy kext. The file was easily patched for SL CMOS reset. I'll try and organize things and put some beneficial information together for other owners of the GA-G41M-ES2L, particularly those interested in installing SL. I am very pleased. Thank you all. -PigBoT
  4. Hawaii, Any chance of getting you to share your dsdt file too. Is your bios the F3 or F4? Thanks.
  5. The rev2 of that board uses the Atheros AR8131. It's not impossible for a driver to be released/created/shared... but I don't believe there are similar drivers currently in use. I would just hate to see you keep spinning your wheels and also have to wait a long time. Good luck though... I'll certainly let you know if I bump into anything. I'm probably stuck buying a sound device to get my sound going. ...at least as a temporary fix. I must say... there are a lot of awesome people in these forums giving a lot of time (money).
  6. Hawaii - Thank you so much. I still can't get that kext to work.... I may do a clean install and try again. Are you using this kext with SL? I'm learning a lot, but I'm still sooo noob... It's frustrating. Am I supposed to do something with the text document? I used Kext Helper to install the Kext you provided. I then went to disk utility and repaired disk permissions. I then rebooted. I'm not getting any options for sound devices.
  7. Good news / Bad news. Good - The voodoo PS/2 kext is working great. I am happy I didn't buy a new USB keyboard. Bad - STILL CANNOT GET THE SOUND WORKING. I've gone through every Kext/patch I can find... even tried some Kext editing (not sure if I did it correctly). I really would prefer to get the onboard audio working here. Can anyone shed some light on this...?? Again it's the following: GA-G41M-ES2L (Intel G41 / ICH7 / Rev. 1.0) HD Audio (Onboard Realtek ALC888B or ALC 888B) @Drossy I went with the G41M-ES2L because of the REV2 boards that are shipping on the 31 version. I've already done some checking and it does not look like there are any Kexts available for the onboard ethernet chip of G31M.
  8. Well, I have SL installed and running. I have not been able to resolve the onboard audio. I know some people are just using a usb plugin, but I also believe others have the audio working with Kext. I need to learn more about editing Kexts. The onboard audio chip for this board is the ALC888B. If anyone has some info to share, please do. I'll be happy to share my complete install processes once I feel confident that I'm giving good information. Pretty sweet so far.
  9. I'm reading through the tutorials. Unfortunately there's not just one that matches what I'm trying to do. I do want to do a virgin install, single boot to SL only. I'm sure I'll figure it out. Any direction is also appreciated (including the direction that has already been provided). As I mentioned earlier, I'll do a good tutorial / documented setup and post a link later. Thanks for the info on the keyboards... I can't say I'll spend $50 on keyboard though, just because you should be able to buy a really nice non-Mac USB keyboard for so much less. And don't they only make the Mac keyboard in white? I ask because all of my components will be black. HOWEVER, I might keep my eyes on flea bay or somewhere for a cheap used one. Thanks.
  10. All the hardware should be here tomorrow... Just realized I need to go buy software. If I want 10.6, should I buy retail copy of this or should buy 10.5 with a .6 upgrade? Also, I need to get at least a USB keyboard, as all of my others are PS/2. Any suggestions? Should I do a bluetooth or wireless or just go cheap? Should I look for a used mac keyboard? Thanks.
  11. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16811121004 That is the case. It went down another $5. This is definitely a budget build. I'll try to post some pics of the case when it arrives. If you're looking for a quality case for not too much money, I have recently built a quiet PC with a white antec case (might look good with the Apple Branding Stickers... ). It was $80 shipped from fry's, normally about $160. I saw the case on slickdeals dot net. I wish I had bought more, it included a quiet 550W P/S and noise dampening panels. I have noticed some other Antec cases go on sale here and there. --I just looked up the Rogue case. I would try to make it work with that. It looks like a nice case, quality construction. Are you looking for dual monitors or just a large widescreen monitor? I may eventually buy a new case and monitor for cosmetics and place the machine for friends and family to browse in a front room too, or just build an all new machine... lol. I'm obsessed I know, but so is anyone else who's reading this! If you're not in a big rush, keep your eyes on the slickdeals dot net website... I've picked up some really good stuff there. Including two 9600GT OC's for less than $30 each and a nice looking Samsung LCD 23" 1080P monitor 2333SW, $162. One more thing. Go to bing dot com and search for NewEgg before making your purchases... They were giving 10% cash back yesterday! (I missed it of course... story of my life... ha ha ha )
  12. NICE! That's what I want to hear! Thank you for sharing.
  13. I have not built it yet. The components ordered from NewEgg are scheduled to be delivered tomorrow (a few dollars more and I could have made the whole order from NewEgg -- I swear, I'll never learn. ) The only other component is the motherboard and it's status is shown as "packaged" not shipped. It's looking like it might be the bottleneck. I will be sure to document the build and software installation. The answer to the quad-core question for me is no. I may or may not regret this decision. The primary purpose of this machine is for iPhone/Mac application development. Although video and image editing may be a function early on, I cannot see it being a large enough function in the near future to justify. (I don't know if games are truly utilizing 4 cores, but I have a dedicated PC for gaming ) The dual core Pentium processors are quite robust already. Should I change my mind in the future, this build will turn into a media pc or my little girl's Mac/PC for her playroom. =) What's your motivation for your build?
  14. Thanks for the feedback. This is the configuration I ordered today. GigaByte GA-G41M-ES2L, $62 (shipped - zipzoomfly) Intel E5300 $70 (shipped - newegg) Hitachi 1TB $75 - $10 MIR, $65 (shipped - newegg) Sony DVD RW $30 (shipped - newegg) HEC MiniTower with 585W P/S $67 (shipped - newegg) Total: $294 Again, I'm pulling memory from another system DDR2 800 2GB (2x 1GB) as well as a video card eVGA 9600GT OC. Will I be able to use a PS/2 port for they keyboard? I am really excited (so is my wife!....hahahahhaha--not). Also ordered a new book for iPhone dev. Any other pointers or advice on the tutorials from here? * The Weaksause12's links seem be broken or down. Anyone know of a mirror for this guide?
  15. One of the recent newegg reviews said they received rev 2. Is there something else I don't know? My home network is 1000 Mbit, so I'd like to keep it at the same bandwidth. What are your thoughts on the G41 version of this board?