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  1. Atheros AR5B91

    Hello there guys! Im typing this message to you on my brand new Snow Leopard. How exciting! Just a couple of issues. Laptop Keyboard and Trackpad dont work, however I just need the PS2 Kexts for that, and ive accidently installed it on my Ext. HDD. Bit of a pain but not a biggie, as I now know what to do to install it, and I know its going to work. Thank you all for your help and advice! Peace! Chris
  2. Is it still possible to buy iLife/iWork '05

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Software-Apple-iWork...6#ht_500wt_1154 Chris
  3. Atheros AR5B91

    Hi Callum, Thanks very much for your input, however that really isnt a viable option for me, as its a laptop Thank you though Chris
  4. Atheros AR5B91

    Oh wow! Thats brilliant! Thank you so much for your help, greatly appreciated! However, after abit of digging I notice iPc doesnt actually do a Snow Leopard version, which is a shame as none of the other distros worked for me. Ill give them a shot anyway! Just out of intrest, which do you personally recommend?! I ask as you obviously have the same card as me, and using the same distro would be a good start. Again, thank you! Chris Scratch that, there are no distros. I think im going to use the USB Method to install it. Any views on this?! Chris
  5. Atheros AR5B91

    Hello all! First may I say what an amazing job you have all done with this, simply amazing. Thank you! Right, I have my Acer Aspire 5535, installed iPc10.5.6 with no problems as I read up on what kexts to install etc. The whole thing runs without a hitch. However, wireless.... I know this has been asked before, but the last post on it was over a year ago. Just wondering if anyone has any news on when we might be able to expect a fix, or even if ive missed something through my extensive Googling. As mentioned in the title the card is a Atheros AR5B91. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you in advance Chris