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  1. A huge thanks to Digital Dreamer for this guide. I just updated my Hackintosh to 10.6. So far it's working great. The only problem I have is that my old Harmon/Kardon UBS Soundsticks give a rather tinny sound. My spare $5 logitechs give better sound. Not that it's that big of an inconvenience. but if you know of a way to fix it could you point me in the right direction. All my searching hasn't turned up anything. Thanks again Digital Dreamer. Have a great day.
  2. If you have a Gigabyte EX58 UD5 motherboard and a high end graphics card such as the ATi Radeon 4780 1gig. The motherboard might make produce an irritable "chirping sound that seems to be coming from the motherboard around the CPU chip. The cause of this chirping can be fixed by changing the energy savings preferences in your BIOS. The settings can be found in power saving features. Turn these settings OFF in the BIOS and the chirping sound will go away. Thanks to DD and all others on this board for all the help in making my Hackintosh work.
  3. Thank you for the guide. I got my PC up and running. It's running 10.5.7 fine right now and before I start to update to Snow Leopard, I'm going to make another backup 10.5.7 partition just in case anything goes wrong. Thanks a ton.
  4. I installed everything. and loaded my hard drive into the hacintoah. started it up. Up came Chameleon. the hackintosh desktop picture showed up Then Fail I got the spinning sytem and a little circle slash icon (like the put in no smoking) it's stuck on that. I must have missed a step. Can anyone help Thanks. trying your new method. I have the Snow leopard disk. it's 10:30 why not. I'm going to try this tonight. I was using the 10.7 install method but falling short. Now I'll try this new method. I have the retail Snow Leopard disk and it's installing right now. Should be 45 minutes for the install. I'll post my success or failure. and then update tonight and tomorrow. i7 920, ga ex58-ud5, 6 gigs of OCZ ddr3 ram, ati Sapphire 4870 1 gig. Trying it out right now. Will report on progress over the next few hours. i7 920, GA EX58 UD5, 6 gigs of OCzDDR3 RAM, ATI Sapphire 1 gig 4870 First time my OSX SL install quit just before finishing. Am trying again. Am trying it right now. Had an install failure during install. Happen during the print drivers. Trying to install without any print drivers.
  5. Hi my name is mcloki I'm a new member. Trying to build a Hackintosh. i7 920 and the GA EX58 u5d motherboard. ATI 4780 1 gig Sapphire I'm going to try and use DD method to install 10.7 I'm doing it from a MacBook Pro. I've attached a hard drive to the USB port. Partitioned it into one big 500 gig and I'll post my results here. Just one question. Do I need to reset the permissions on all the installed kexts if I use the script? Or does the script do that for me?