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  1. Dr. Monkey

    Mojave on Dell Latitude E6410

    sorry to double post, but I also wanted to ask if you were able to get speedstepping going on Nvidia 3100m? I can’t help but wonder if there is a relation between sleep and GPU power management and it would be good to rule that out
  2. Dr. Monkey

    Mojave on Dell Latitude E6410

    Do you know how I would check what the permissible values to SLPE would be?
  3. Dr. Monkey

    Installation On Dell Studio 1735

    I have the 1535(15.4" version of 1735) as seen in my signature with X3100 graphics and a T5800 processor. I will be working on a write up this coming week, but I can tell you that I have almost everything working. This includes * Power management with P-States(SpeedStepping), but not C-states. * Native resolution and QE/CI with the X3100 plus VGA out (no HDMI) * Ethernet with the BCM5784M * Wireless for model BCM4322 - Don't believe the dell card works but i hear you can pick up on of the Broadcom cards for cheap * Keyboard and Trackpad work with multimedia keys and 2 finger scrolling, except trackpad doesn't work after sleep * Audio working using VoodooHDA * Card reader working using the VoodooSDHC driver * Web cam works out of box without driver modification. I started from iatkos S3, but i am pretty sure you could achieve the same by retail install methods. I will reply back to this thread once I have a write up ready. I've tried so many things over time, it would be good to have someone vet the process to make sure I have it all in there.
  4. Hi all, I am a Dell 1535 user, but I believe we share a common trackpad. I have an issue where my trackpad doesn't work after sleep. I see most do not have sleep here, but if anyone does, do you experience this issue?
  5. I have an issue wherein the trackpad(Alps in a Dell Studio 1535) works fine until i sleep the laptop, then once it comes back from sleep, trackpad is completely unresponsive I have tried about 4-5 version of VoodooPS2Controller and a couple of versions of ApplePS2Controller/AppleACPIPS2Nub combo without success. I've been able to get them all to work directly after boot, and they work after I come back from hibernate, but after sleep, nothing Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this working? This is something I have been trying to solve for a long time without luck, and it seriously limits the portability of the laptop.
  6. Ok thanks for the information. If its not doable, then I guess I can stop spending time on it. I kind of figured that could be the case, but I couldn't let it go. One other question. If you happen to know the answer. Do you happen to know how to control the threshold where the CPU steps from one p-state to the next? It seems that I see only the lowest or highest state, except for fleeting instants when manipulating load with cookbook. Either way, thanks for the quick responses. Your help to so many really helps the osX86 community grow.
  7. Wow thanks for the quick turnaround. I tried that but still get the same message. I tested with 2 smbios.plist versions. one is for MacBookPro5,1 and the other is a modified version of MacBook3,1 MacBook3_1.plist.zip when using the modified MacBook3,1 version I get CStateOverride=true in ioreg and when using MacBookPro5,1 I get no mention of C-States at all. Thanks for the tips on the DSDT, I figured there were probably a few things in there that didnt need to be from when I was trying to make sleep work a while back. That DSDT has been growing for about 13 months as I didnt want to get into the habit of loading stuff and crossing my fingers, when I could try to really understand it instead. With the DSDT you modified, what combination of GenerateCStates, and DropSSDT did you intend it to be used with?
  8. Hi all, I have been working off and on for the last year trying to get C-states to function on my Dell Studio 1535. It is ICH8M based with a T5800 CPU and X3100 graphics, and I am running 10.6.8. I have P-states working via customized DSDT, and in fact have been testing undervolting via DSDT to try to keep heat down while i solve this C-state issue So far I have tried the following: * Manually defining the P and C states in the DSDT. * Using Chameleon RC5 to Generate them. * A whole multitude of SMBIOS.plist combinations both of the above Generation methods What vexes me is this: I can see AppleLPC is loaded if I do ioreg macbookfaux:Util monkey$ ioreg | grep LPC | | | +-o AppleLPC <class AppleLPC, id 0x1000002e7, registered, matched, active, busy 0 (9 ms), retain 5> and I see the same if I do lspci macbookfaux:Util monkey$ lspci | grep LPC 00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation 82801HEM (ICH8M) LPC Interface Controller (rev 04) and further confirmed with kextstat macbookfaux:Util monkey$ kextstat | grep LPC 75 0 0x5b503000 0x3000 0x2000 com.apple.driver.AppleLPC (1.5.1) <14 5 4 3> But I still get: ACPI_SMC_PlatformPlugin::registerLPCDriver - WARNING - LPC device initialization failed: I do not get any _CST evaluation errors and I also see CStateOverride=True. I am also attaching my latest decompiled DSDT in case there is something I am missing in there. dsdtuv2.zip I feel like I am close on this but there is something I am missing. Normally I try to solve things on my own but I have reached the end of my rope on this one. Can anyone help?
  9. Dr. Monkey

    Leopard on a dell studio 15 and 17

    I've heard that some have had some luck with sl but not sure the method. Anyway, I'm curious, when you say solid install, does sleep work for you? That is the one thing not working for me, using the methodology I spelled out above
  10. Dr. Monkey

    Leopard on a dell studio 15 and 17

    I can boot with the power supply plugged in no problem, but I think having headphones plugged in will KP. Off the top of my head I took the defaults exactly from the iatkos v7 disk. In regards to the bootloader, I think it will boot to chameleon first if you set that partition as active, but dont quote me on it. Im happy to keep helping out while I try to figure out how to get sleep working. so far I have tried a modified dsdt with uhci fix manually added, as well as sleep enabler and the voodooehci kext, all with no luck. Anyone have 10.5.7 or greater working with a 1535 and x3100 graphics.?
  11. Dr. Monkey

    Leopard on a dell studio 15 and 17

    First we would need your specs. if you match pretty close to my specs above you could try that approach
  12. Dr. Monkey

    Intel GMA3100

    I think if you grab the command line one, you could use -f to force the compile
  13. Dr. Monkey

    Leopard on a dell studio 15 and 17

    I read over that and it looks promising, what version are you on?
  14. Dr. Monkey

    Leopard on a dell studio 15 and 17

    Can someone who has sucessfully used DSDT Modification to get rid of the sleep trick and/or get system sleep working please help me out by sending me or pointing me in the direction of a decompiled DSDT so I can see the source used for the fix. A compiled one would also be nice, but Id rather construct my on so I know how it works rather than rely on others too much.
  15. Dr. Monkey

    Driver of Kalyway 10.5.2 for Dell Studio 1537

    Start with this thread. Leopard on a dell studio 15 and 17 - InsanelyMac Forum In there is an installer to fix most things Dell Studio Specifically I know the wireless sound lan and if you have the GMA X3100 like I think you do, Graphics should work.