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  1. Merry Christmas!!! I just installed Iatkos v.1.0i on my Abit AW9d-Max with a core 2 dou 6600 and an XFX 7600gt and is almost completely working. I also have a Sata DVD Drive. So far only two problems, if somebody can help me; When I click on 'About this Mac' the desktop goes blank, but after a second or two come back again and working fine and that's it, the 'About this Mac' window doesn't come up. I can access 'System Profiler' through the Utilities folder. Restart function is not working properly, Screen goes blank, but the computer never reboots. Thanks for any help Let me know if more info is needed.
  2. Shutdown Problem-Please Help!

    Hi, I have a Homebrew MAC with an Intel D945GNTL and a Pentium D 940; 1 GB Ram; 160Gb Maxtor SATA and a Radeon X700 PRO. I installed Jas 10.4.7 and runs great. I'm almost at 100% working, specially the GMA 950 is fully compatible CI and QE working and everything. But the problem is that the shutdown function doesn't work, it looks like it's going to shut dwon but hangs on a Blank blue screen, re-start function works fine. If I boot with the PCI-Ex card selected, no QE/CI and no resolutions changes(as expected) but the shutdown function works just fine as well the re-start. So basically no shutdown function while using GMA 950. Any help really appreciated. Thanks
  3. Mac OS X 10.4.8

    Big Thanks to Jas and all others that pitched in. i'm a very happy camper!!!!!!!