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  1. ktz

    remove unused KEXTS?

    Yea. SSD it's a right way. I just want to understand how OS works. BTW I have old hardware withou UEFI so this FastBoot option is not for me at this time
  2. ktz

    The Fermi "Freeze" Discussion (Possible solutions?)

    Where I can check kernel panics log? I have GTS450 with GraphicsEnabler=Yes 10.9 Got some console text over GUI and then it works normal. This is freeze? BTW how GraphicsEnabler works?
  3. ktz

    New Nvidia Driver

    It's hacked driver or something? Will driver from nvidia website works for GTS450?
  4. ktz

    remove unused KEXTS?

    I am interesting in deleting unused kexts on 10.9 mavericks. I can see some bluetooth loading on startup or something but I haven't any device like this. So deleting unwanted kexts may speed up boot process?
  5. ktz


    Thx! Work for me. Q6600 P35-DS3 nVidia GeForce 8400S (GraphicsEnabler=Yes) FakeSMC.kext RealtekRTL81xx.kext (lnx2mac's Realtek NIC kext) NullCPUPowerManagement.kext (Maybe I can remove it now and it will work without it). - Sound doesn't work. 1. I don't understand how DSDT works. How this patches works and where I can find it? I want to make my own DSDT. 2. There is a lot of kexts loaded on Mac OS X startup. Can I delete some of them? Where .log that I see with -v option?
  6. Yea. Already. If I'm using Mac OS partition to load it takes less than 10 sec to load (mac os desktop) on ssd. If I'm using Windows partition it takes some minutes with gray screen before Windows start to loading. Macbook bootup sound, then a couple minutes of waiting with grey screen and then windows partition/usb dvd starting. Same problem with rEFIt. It loads fast but when I'm chosing win/usbdvd it hangs for long time before startup. Looks like macbook is initialize superdrive but how to disable it or how to cheat it
  7. I have a problem. I just remove SuperDrive. I don't need it. MacOS boot's ok from SSD (in place where HDD was). But any other source boot up very slow. I mean if you try to load Windows partition or boot from USB DVD it takes 2-3 minutes. PowerOn, then grey screen and then loading from not-OSX partition starts. 1. Maybe there is a way to change firmware of any software fix this problem? Looks like macbook try to find superdrive. It cheching hardware when startup. 2. What if I'll use any SATA source like ssd in optibay to replace superdrive. It will fix that delay on startup without superdrive? 3. Maybe any hardware "hack"? I mean dummy sata device like cardreader etc with light weight to trick macbook? Same problem: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4477700 Thank you.
  8. There a lot of new chameleon/boot-123 etc software. What can I use to install Tiger?
  9. ktz

    Who is still using 10.4?

    I am still using MacOS Tiger because of fast GUI. Leo etc work well on my hardware, but Logic8/Logic9 slow as hell in new MacOS's. It's not about video card. It's about software.
  10. I really like fast GUI on MacOS Tiger. It's possible to get Tiger on Core i5/i7?
  11. ktz

    Asus EEE 1215N

    Any news with GMA (QE/CI) on 1215n?
  12. ktz

    Logic Pro 8 with an unsopported card?

    I got 7600GT with QE CI enabled but Logic's GUI very slow. What's wrong? Config in sign. Thx.
  13. ktz

    Nvidia 7600GT

    7600GT got QE CI enabled but GUI in apps very slow. Try EFI string and nvkush. Same problem on Leopard and Snow Leopard. ANYONE?
  14. ktz

    slow gui

    Same problem. QE CI enable but very slow gui in software like Logic Pro etc.. 7600GT