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  1. I have same problem right now. Sometimes after reboot wifi is working, not sure how, but then again pings fail even to local IP and it's down. But getting IP fine, router says it's connected also. Using WPA2 Personal, system version is 10.7.1. Connection to LAN on same system works fine. P.S. Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR928X Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01).
  2. thanks for info, was also updating Server 10.7.1, wanted to know should I. seems like everything's fine now
  3. hey, did anyone installed 10.7.2 update? btw, hat should I do if USB HDD/sticks aren't working when plugged after start up?
  4. you updated from 10.7 and it's working fine?
  5. I'm not sure about solution of my problems before, but seems like for now everything's working fine except dual desktop. anyone has idea how to fix that?
  6. OK, thanks, for me problem with CPU temperature was solved by [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url]'s 3.8.0 kexts for FakeSMC.
  7. that's clear, but at least problems with dual screen and CPU/GPU temperature should common for ION chipset and Atom 330. so I hope somebody knows what's wrong (and sure I'll post solution if will find it).
  8. actually, crash screen is seen sometimes on reboot/shutdown even when everything is loaded fine. that stuff is not really good because system is not stable as needed. P.S. are you using something to monitor CPU/GPU temperature? Temperature Monitor or other software is not showing that, even after installing a "driver".
  9. it was installed like successfully. but I have issues: when firstly launched installation and 50% of loads of system has next problem: mouse is working, seeing first screen (login, etc), but everything on screen is like a picture - nothing is clickable and keyboard seems like not working. some times loads without wi-fi drivers (and reboot causes crash window in this case). dual desktops aren't working. system is loading not so fast (from ~45 seconds to ~2 mins). will check more this issues now. power on/off is working well, and rest of things like fine (integrated audio card turned off in BIOS because I'm using one from Line 6 - issues I described I'm getting are both with or without it plugged via USB).
  10. nozyczek, great news! I'm currently preparing to test 10.7 installation. also thanks to Sabrina13
  11. had also problem with booting when one of external HDDs was plugged (in BIOS everything's correct about boot priorities). system was just rebooting. didn't check yet (back from trips), but hope 10.7 will work with this MB without issues. thus, current problems are OK to work with, so will leave as is for some time. everything I needed from OS X software is here.
  12. I don't have remote desktop admin software right now, did "sudo shutdown -h now" over SSH, and it worked same as doing "Shut Down" with connected USB keyboard/mouse. SSH session was closed, but still shutting down wasn't full: CPU fan and HDD was working.
  13. I haven't other USB devices connected, excepting mouse and keyboard (Logitech).
  14. yep, seems like "everything" works fine excepting shut down (which is weird) and multiple displays setup (when clicked "Detect Displays" got both of them turned off and had to reset). you'd probably update the first post here about it. P.S. I was following guide on nozyczek's site, but didn't find there any contacts to ask about this issues, so hope here we'll figure it out.
  15. hi, thanks for this thread! I've just installed 10.6.0 + 10.6.7 via similar method with patch v3.3 and seems like everything's working fine on IONITX-A-E. anybody updated till 10.6.8? Sabrina13, shutdown also doesn't work for me, it's not shutting down fully - only display.