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  1. Hello i was wondering if any one knew a way of spoofing snowleopard into installing on a machine with 512 meg of ram, i have a leopard install on it but want to upgrade it to snow leopard it an aspire one 150 Regards folks
  2. Hello i am trying to install snow leopard retail to my aspire one but i am having problems its boots fine off of usb but the trackpad and mouse dont work, i have voodoops2 installed Regards
  3. well im currently using it in snow leopard and im getting no logs out of the ordinary!
  4. i though i would never see the day!! fair play guys! the only thing im awaiting is th 3945 driver from mercurysquad! iwidarwin will prob have a better driver once project:camphor yeilds some fruit!
  5. It aint looking to great for us in terms of TSU Kernel anytime soon, theres been a few....change is the way the kernel handels processors apparently although i think its just a problem with GCC 4.2, Regards
  6. TSC sync XNU patch

    Why not use GCC 4.4? Why arnt you using that in the first place?? im gunna give this a crack tonite! can some of the other devs confirm this problem?
  7. TSC sync XNU patch

    http://www.opensource.apple.com/tarballs/x...456.1.26.tar.gz theres a direct download to the file heres the source repo Hope it helps http://www.opensource.apple.com/release/mac-os-x-106/ Regards Patrick
  8. Im fairly sure someone has a solution to this and i really need one ! please, help a brother out!
  9. Hello i recently bought a netgear WG111T usb wireless adapter as my intel pro wireless doesnt work with os x problem is, IT dosnt work and i cant find any driver that allows me to use it on my machine needless to say im a little upset by this and was wondering if anyone out there knew how i could get this USB adapter to work under os x? Any help with this would get you some serious brownie points with me! Regards
  10. Ok i asked around on that thread and so far no dice, i should think if they where active they would have mentioned it by now! Regards
  11. TSC sync XNU patch

    Considering the new kernel source code is now up, is there any chance we can see the TSU Sync pateced version soon? Regards
  12. im not sure sonotone is active any more! and i havent seen any one around whos able to do it, if someone gives me the tsu patch ill do it (or at least attempt ) also if someone could give me the perviously patched kernel as well that would be good!
  13. Well actaully the sourcecode for the kernel is available ( http://www.opensource.apple.com/release/mac-os-x-106/ down at the bottem) but im not really sure what goes into patching it to be honest (like i said im not new to linux but very new to darwin) greatdeceiver you did it with old one correct ? and if so cant you just do it with the new one? Regards
  14. Hey folks now that the new XNU Kernel has been released on Apple source code page, can someone recompile it with the TSU Sync patch so we can use dual core again! Regards The ever loving quinn
  15. ah yeah i though that was the one you where talking about, thanks for the info though, i just hope i can get this stupid graphics card working i mean its going to a frame buffer state and not its native resolution which makes no sense! thats why im writeing my own driver at the moment, i actually need people to test it and correct my mistakes! Regards