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  1. Help, install leopard on my and system!

    To help you we need to know your full specs, You would have to find all of the kexts that your motherboard requres and then try and find one for your GPU. A kernal Panic is a bit like the blue screen of death, and comes when you have a hardware fault/have incompatible hardware. If you need any more help just PM me
  2. Hey, My specs are: Intel Core i7 920 (2.66GH) 4GB DDR3 Ram (1366) 750GB Sata Hard Drive ATI Radeon 4850 (1GB) Asus P6X58D-E So the Bootloader runs OK (shows 3 drives, CD Drive and 2 window's drive's) I press F5 so it refreshes and shows mac, i then enter the flags I need to run. As I have a 920, I add busratio=20. Lot's of text goes on the screen, thought after a-while I get the System Uptime In Nano Seconds problem (seems like a Kernal Panic) I have tried using the flag -v, thought that did nothing. Even at one time I used the whole list, Thought there was the same problem. Am I doing anything wrong? Thanks Francis
  3. Hey guys I was just wondering what the best bootloader is for a retail snow leopard disk. (10.6.3) It would have to allow me to add my own kexts, I thought there was a bootloader called boot123 thought when i googled this nothing came out. All help would be appreciated. Thanks, Francis.
  4. Nvidia

    Hey, i just installed 10.5.2 on my pc using kalway, and wondeirng how to get my Nvidia geforce 9500gt working 512mb, darwin says 14mb, so how do i install that driver?
  5. Dell Mini 10

    Hi!, im thinking about buying a dell mini 10 (not the dell mini 10v) but would it be hackintosh compatible, i have heared that the intel grafis are not compatible, but would it be able to install and load just to do basic stuff, i would like to install kalway but if there is a version for it i wouldent mind using that, thanks!!
  6. Windows 7

    So i have just set up my hackintosh machine, and when windows 7 come out i will need it,i need it to multiboot, i have read some guids that you have to install windows vista, than install hackitnosh thanks
  7. root device

    so i have to boot from ma command, -v boot flag and then, it says still waiting for root device, its works for kalway, but it itikos, please help
  8. kalway

    I have a quad core prossesor, and 3gb ram, sata hard drive, firewire
  9. kalway

    when i try and to install kalway the apple logo comes up and then i just get a big cross, im using a quad core, if you need mre info just ask please
  10. Moving Hard drive

    So i had to install mac on a exsternal drive due to not being able to install on laptop hard drive but how can i copy the Hard drive to the computers hard drive, i have this problem on 2 computers as the laptop is the only compouter in the house that can install it so i have to put it in the exstrenal hard drive Thanks
  11. sound drives

    i have a pakard bell iestreem and i am running a quad core, the only problem is that i canot get sound as there are no drivers, please help!!!
  12. HD

    hey i have a laptop with a celeron prossesor and it looks like its gonna install until the disk utilety will not pick put my Hard Drive, i have put a EX hard drive into it but it is just not working (as i made a partition if that helps
  13. HELP!

    I am new to all this and i am trying to install this on a intel celeron laptop, the dvd is iATKOS v4i mac os x x86 leopard 10.5.4 installer for intel pc by osX68.turk team,a dn it is not picking up my hard drive, i have no usb drives pluged in and i just dont know what to do!! Ok i pluged in my ex hard drive but i do not want to install mac os x leopard on it,