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  1. I have pretty much everything running well for the exception of sleep and the AGPM Unknown Platform on boot. For audio I could not get the alc892 to work and I did read the forums, When running codec detect, no codec was found. VoodooHDA fixed this so audio is fine. I was wondering if someone could help me out, used ssdtprgen to create the cpu's ssdt, and am using clover so used the f4 method to extracts all the tables. I decompiled them and fixed all errors then added them all to the patched folder in clover. I have been working on this for a while and am just getting frustrated. I would like to have native audio but just have given up on it. I can not use the ig-platform-id 0x0260006 it disables my QE/CI so I am using the id 0x0D220003. If you need any more information please let me know, I have attached all my dsdt/ssdt files used for my build. Direct link to my laptop just in case - http://www.memoryexpress.com/Products/MX54502 Thanks in advanced I hope to figure this out. Files.zip
  2. [Problem]Core i3 2310M Graphics problems (Intel HD3000 0x0116)

    You guys need a duallink dsdt fix for this in your dsdt i will upload my dsdt if you would like to show an example, graphics still are a bit glitchy and you need to remove the appleintelcarpri kext and edit the snb kext i can upload if you would like
  3. Acer Aspire v3 771-6621 Intel HD 3000 Tutorial

    Im not using ssd although it should work just fine, im using 2 hdd's both being one TB, since the new hdd's have a different 4k sector you will encounter boot0 error on boot and will need to download unpkg for mac, and drag chameleon bootloader into it to extract it and copy boot0 to to the usb installer to transfer to your installed partition, the hdd needs to be unmounted and use the cmd dd to transfer over, if you get that far ill send you the link to the boot0 transfer, honestly its sooooo easy, maybe 5 minutes of time
  4. Acer Aspire v3 771-6621 Intel HD 3000 Tutorial

    hey guys sorry i have been out for a while just dealing with live issues, ###### doesnt work for me at all i used a different method, olaria usb mountain lion installer, its a vanilla installer, i am not allowed to post links so you can use google a its your friend other meathods that have worked are the myhack method and xflash that does work, if you have intel hd 4000 you will need to do kext patching on 2 files, for nvidia the new driver is incorperated here http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda-mac-driver.html if you are using alc269 i have a patched voodoohda file that works great as well, been a rough go for me here sorry for all the delays been tough, thanks everyone also niresh has a mountain lion usb installer as well, i personally have not tried it but i have heard good things, if you graphics will not allow you to boot, you can always use transmac from windows to delete unnecessary kexts till you have the machine booting, if your screen is 17inch or over you will need a dual link dsdt edit to make it work which i can also provide, some of you are using higher end machines g models which i do not have but we can still make this work no problem, the cuda DOES work so does the intel hd 4000 but i believe a dsdt edit will be needed, for started i would shut off the nvidia in bios and make sure the bios is updated to the latest and we will be the intel hd 4000 working then the cuda, i know they both function amazingly as i have the 650m in a laptop and its wonderful, J
  5. Acer aspire V3-771-6621 Intel HD 3000 issues

    Everything working on the v3 771 and 571s ill be making a tutorial asap stay tuned everything working flawlessly, 15 second boot time roughly
  6. Update 3 audio fix http://www.mediafire.com/?co2ie1cxas7827o remove applehda before installing package Update 2 File upload for starters while I have a moment, I will add a noob friendly tutorial when I have more time, thanks for the patience This package is for the 771 I will upload the 571 soon http://www.mediafire...xkwfj6vpdp6zchj Update 1 I'm trying to get all the packages together to upload, this is the method of Install that I used, get a hold of this and unless you have a working mac, transmac will be needed to modify a few files, I used transmac. Prior to doing this the hard drive is a 4k sector drive so I will add the boot1h file you will need to put on the root of the installer to copy over to make boot work after install. Lastly I will be creating a restore for people who don't want to put in the effort, when it's completed for both laptops ill let everyone know and you can pm me for the link. Sorry for the delays been busy, just finished getting my wife's Acer v3 571 up and running perfectly as well, I will update you all here, both packages and guides on what I have done. Thanks J Hello everyone, after lots of work, I have got this laptop under wraps, everything working 100% I am going to upload all the files i used and modified and the dsdt i have created in case anyone else needs help. I will edit this and add the tutorial here asap thanks, J
  7. Acer aspire V3-771-6621 Intel HD 3000 issues

    Hey Jeff it seems the hp probook installer appleintelcpupowermanagement works from that pack, still trying to patch audio and battery isn't what are your thoughts on Clover? Using it to create a dsdt? Not sure now to get the auto patching to work. Looking for some advice on the last few issues here. Thanks for the help
  8. Acer aspire V3-771-6621 Intel HD 3000 issues

    I'll try and patch the applehda when I have time, the only other issue is the battery Meter says no battery, dsdt edit perhaps? I'm going to do a fresh install and load my kext files with my dsdt in the installer and see how it goes, thank for all the help, smbios 8,1 read the computer as a 15" smbios 8,3 reads it properly
  9. Acer aspire V3-771-6621 Intel HD 3000 issues

    I'll try that tonight and we'll see how it goes. Got usb fixed by using chimera and/or updated chameleon. No more freezing when usb is inserted. Batter Meter still shows no battery its got an x on it. Any ideas. Last things I need to fix is the audio, battery Meter, on boot it gives drmstatus error. Although I'm getting qe/ci and full resolution the snb frame buffer still fails to load, that would fix the at times slow graphics. Thanks for the help, I'm going to use ubuntu to get all the information for the audio, also I need to adjust the dsdt to reflect the audio I have read, thanks again any input would be great! J
  10. Acer aspire V3-771-6621 Intel HD 3000 issues

    Hi Jeff no one was interested in helping out I did create one though and it's working. Hey everyone, got everything up and running except alc269, working on edits for applehda, and battery isn't showing battery status, the standard wifi claims to be a bcm card, mine was an unsupported atheros card so I swapped to a atheros 9285 which works great, I created a dsdt that makes a big difference, when I boot off usb all usb works when I just boot normally and plug in usb it freezes momentarily then responds to lan works great, speedstep working, dual link working from dsdt patch I created, qe/ci working well, feel free to help finish this project, anyone interested ill upload everything I have done to get this far, got 2 warnings in my dsdt.
  11. Acer aspire V3-771-6621 Intel HD 3000 issues

    Hey Jeff the last thing I should need help with is the dsdt file i have tried to compile, errors galore and im not sure what to do, the dual link is in the dsdt, i used someone elses dsdt and sure enough graphics fixed perfect, everythings perfect after the dsdt is complete, could you please loot at it and see if there is anything you can do, im lost on this one, thanks http://www.mediafire...j57en4dkn47a2p7
  12. Acer aspire V3-771-6621 Intel HD 3000 issues

    Transparent bar when using chameleon now, still the graphics issue im doing to try the dual link dsdt edit, we will see
  13. Acer aspire V3-771-6621 Intel HD 3000 issues

    Update System booting well with Clover, system showing 512mb video ram but the issue is the resolution no matter what I use for resolution it doesn't help here's a pic. Please help, http://s1058.photobucket.com/albums/t406/littlepapapump/?action=view&current=cc4638b7.jpg Alc269 working, mouse and Trackpad keyboard working,,usb working. no transparent bar qe/ci I'm guessing that I need to inject an id somewhere, when I remove the appleintelsnb I get full resolution but 64mb thanks everyone
  14. Acer aspire V3-771-6621 Intel HD 3000 issues

    Hey Jeff, I'm using macbook pro 8,1 I had better success with Clover bootloader, proper resolution. Intel kexts are duplicate on boot so I'll have to figure more out, I'll post some screen shots tonight maybe if I can, would this link apply to me here? www.tonymacx86.com/150-enabling-hd-3000-graphics-7-series-motherboards-hd-4000-6-series-motherboards.html Thanks for all the help Clover bootloader is truly amazing. Anyways after install I still need to figure out mouse and keyboard, I'll try those kexts again with Clover, maybe different this time around, thank for everything,
  15. Acer aspire V3-771-6621 Intel HD 3000 issues

    I think I might try and focus on a different way here, not having any luck, audio was an issue, and several other things, hd intel graphic kexts are a main issue for sure for me, in saying that Clover picked up speedstep right away and audio, created dsdt, i had some kext issues from tampering with the installers intel kexts, I'll update, any ideas throw them my way Please, thanks J