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    New to the scene

    Other than the Motherboad Model what else do you need?
  2. I'd like to get Mac OSX on my PC, but don't know where to start. I have an older P4 Gateway. The stock Motherboard has been replaced by an MSI board. I'm not sure what the exact model is but I can find out if needed. The Processor is an Intel P4 HT 3.2(somewhat old) and I have 2GB of RAM. I also have an older ATI Radeon graphics card. I'm just wondering if I can install Mac OSX on my machine. And if so what version and what thread should be looking at for guidance. If you need more info on my machine I'll gladly provide it.
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    comment area

    Does your website support PHP? I'm pretty good with HTML/PHP/Mysql and could get something up and running pretty easily.
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    Download button

    I'm confused here. So you have a website I assume? And you want to have a button on this website? Send me a PM with the website if this is the case so I can see more what you're talking about. I can help you out.
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    Expose for Windows

    I have yet to find a decent one but I'll give a few of these a try....Thanks =)
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    Microsoft Windows 7 My Idea Ads

    These commercials make me throw up a little each time
  7. I can't wait for a stable release. An Android iPhone would be amazing!