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  1. Is anyone having issues booting into SL while connected via HDMI? I've so far been unable to boot, Kp at apple screen. I'm using chameleon 3 with minihack's kexts, and a dsdt I created using minihack's awesome guide... again, no problems at all over dvi, but hdmi is being naughty. Thanks!
  2. Minihack, your a beast. Incredible job sir, not just with the posts, but also with the guide, it is so thorough. I had a question for you, and anyone else whose running SL on this little board regarding appropriate boot loaders. I currently have a working setup with The Brazilian Hackintosh Team loader that someone kindly posted, but I'm worried about it's stability and consistency as it has already had some random stalling problems. I've used your guide to create a nice dsdt.aml. I just didn't know what a good procedure was to follow after that so I grabbed that bootloader and put the dsdt file in the Extra folder it created, this worked, but I was wondering if there was a better way of going about this because a straight up RC3 install produces kp's for me, and similar result for other loaders. What do you think would be the best setup for long-term stability. Also, I have another drive which is currently running Windows 7, but the loader i'm using now isn't booting it at all. Any suggestions would be awesome, and once again thanks for the badass job.
  3. UPDATE - REQUIRED FILES CAN BE DOWNLOADED AT files.me.com/kasher/iom3g3 Special Thanks to LeopardSoup for the provided ES2L kit. Also Special Thanks to UgoKind and MiniHack for their work with this particular board, it was very enlightening. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So I found a super easy way of performing this Hackintosh thanks to the vast amount of information available in this thread. All your gonna need is a retail leopard disk, the driver package for the Gigabyte ES2L from over at leopard soup, and the NVkush kext provided in this thread, I believe Mini Hack provided it in his very useful kexts package. Keep in mind, this won't give you audio, but it will give you everything else. 1. Find a way to connect the hard drive you plan on using to a working mac. whether its putting it in a USB enclosure or with a drive dock, somehow find a way to connect that baby to your working mac. All I did was leave the power jumper plugged into the hard drive (while its mounted next to the zotac) and I took a sata cable from the hard disk and ran it through a sata to esata adapter, and then esata to my mbpro. I figured this would be the fastest method of install, but as long as the hard drive is showing up (doesn't matter which way, USB, Firewire..etc) your good to go. 2. Now that you have the drive visible on your working mac, you can run disk utility, erase the hard drive (Mac OS Extended, Journaled) and by default it will be set to GUID, which is what we need anyways. 3. I always make a 10 gig partition on any mac hard drive that I use for Leopard Installs, I take the image of a retail disk, and using disk utility I restore it to the 10 GB partition so that the install takes only a few minutes. - So, find a way to make an image of your retail leopard disk, or you can try using disk utility to select the disk as the source, and the 10 GB partition as the Destination. 4. Once the restore is complete its time to restart your working and hold the option button down until fun things happen. At this point your various bootable devices will appear, you should see your brand new Mac OSX Install DVD (10 gb partition) and you should select that. 5. Go through with the leopard install, select customize and deselect all the {censored} you don't need (printer drivers, fonts, language bs, etc.) and let the install finish. If you are using the install from partition method and select only the essential leopard install (5.9 GB) I believe the install finishes in 5 to 7 minutes. 6. Go through the registration {censored} and once you hit the desktop click software update and update everything, all the way to 10.5.8, it will restart a few times after installing the combo updates, just let it do its thing. 7. When its done updating its time to open the Gigabyte ES2L Driver Package that leopard soup provided. It seems their website is down, so I will post the package in a few mins. 8. Keep in mind that we're still working on a real mac here, we have yet to put the hard drive back in. So once the ES2L driver Kit is downloaded, you can disregard everything except the file UInstaller. Open that sucker up. choose the hard drive your currently logged into, select G31M_ES2L - No Network or Audio check the box that says Apply kext package check the box that says apply extensions.mkext check the box that says Install PC_EFI v9 Chameleon... check the box that says Install Custom Kexts from HD, click browse and find your NVKush.kext. at this point you can click install. make sure that you only have 4 boxes checked, that you selected No Network or Audio, and that your installing it to the correct hard drive. 9. After your done with that instead of restarting the computer, shut down. it might say updating boot caches but just let it do its thing. 10. take your new hackintosh hard drive, hook it up to your zotac and you should be good to go. Why this works? I don't know. But It does. Here's my hunch. - I believe 10.5.8 has a lot of the required kexts for this board already buit in. - One of the harder aspects of hackintoshing at least in my opinion is implementing the kexts you would like to use (in our case for proper graphics, NVKush) and correctly synchronizing the addition of those kexts with the extensions.mkext This does it for you so you don't have to mess with that good stuff although it's more than necessary I'm sure for a full understanding of how this {censored} works. ** I am using the Bios settings that UgoKind posted in his very informative guide. I dont know what implications any deviation would have in that regard, but if anyone uses any different settings, let us know how it goes. ** directly after updating the software to 10.5.8 and after its done rebooting, I like to carbon copy clone to another partition just in case. ** I don't know if this will work without updating to 10.5.8, all I know is what I've posted, everything else is just guesswork. ** If your having trouble getting this to work, instead of putting in NVKush right at the get go, you can check the box that says apply EFI string for video card and select Nvidia GeForce 8400GS 256 mb (providing you didn't overclock the GPU) that will be sufficient enough to get you into osx on your hackintosh although the resolution will be messed up. at that point I would refer to more knowledgable users, but it would seem as if it would then be a simple matter. I'll post the driver package shortly. Once again, I don't really know why this works, perhaps someone else can explain it properly, All I can attest to is that it does work in getting you up to the correct resolution, lets you reboot without any issues, lets you install updates without any issues. I did not address audio, or network, or sleep, or hibernation. Those things can definitely be tinkered with kexts and help from this thread, I just wanted to post a simple guide of how I personally installed leopard onto this little zotac board. E7400, 4GB OCZ Gold, Silverstone case, Seagate Barracuda 1.5 TB. The nature of this post might seem a little overly simplified, I just wanted to make it as easy as possible for people. Have fun, and if it doesn't work for you, then well that sucks, but it worked for me and its fast as hell.