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  1. Latest update for Mavericks already installed. I think it's Football Manager that's causing all the problems. I see on the Activity Monitor it's CPU load is 150%! On windows runs smoothly though.
  2. Hi, Okay, I have a MacBook White 13'' Late 2009 Model. I have installed Mavericks 10.9. The MacBook has 4GB of RAM and SSD installed. Whenever I run Football Manager 14 and Chrome with 3 tabs open the MacBook runs really slow. In Chrome I can't even scroll down a page. But when switch to Windows the MacBook runs perfect. Photoshop open, Football Manager 14 open, Chrome open and everything is smooth. Why is this happening? Should I switch back to an older version of OS X?
  3. Hi. I have a Macbook Pro 13'' Mid 2009. I recently discovered that my microphone doesn't work. It only works if I plugin a microphone on the audio port on the side. Could it be a software problem ? Or it is definetely a hardware problem ?
  4. Hi. I want to install any version of OSX86 using both graphic cards (Nvidia 9800Gtx - ATI1650pro) at the same time... Every time I try to install a version the installation finishes good... but after the reboot I get a message saying that I "Your Computer Needs To Be Restarted". I've tried installing every version of OSX86 out there... I can make only the one graphic card work by installing only one driver. If I install both drivers I get the error message... How can I make it work..!!??
  5. benzidirk

    Can't Empty Trash

    Anyway.. found a solution.... I put the hdd in a Windows based machine and since it was NTFS I deleted the folders (.Trashes) manually and then put it back on the leopard machine... Worked...
  6. benzidirk

    Can't Empty Trash

    Hi. I can't Empty my Trash... every time I try to empty it I get an error saying I have to restart my Mac.. I tried several fixes I found on the web.. but not one worked for me... Every time I get the same error.. I think I read its a kernel panic to be more specific.. What can I do...?
  7. benzidirk

    GeekBench results Mac VS Win

    Amazing... I haven't tested my system yet but I will do it for sure. I always thought that because Mac is not intended to work right away with systems like this, Windows would have better results...
  8. benzidirk

    iDeneb 10.5.7 Problems

    Hi. I have a few problems with my iDeneb installation. 1st problem is that I can't reboot or shut down the system. The screen goes black and I can't to anything. Can you fix this problem without re-installing? Second problem is that the system can't boot without the iDeneb DvD on the drive. If I remove it the system doesn't start at all. It gets stuck in "Boot from Cd..." screen. Any help would be very helpful. Thanks.