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  1. Hi Rockey12, This DSDT doesn't work, but I have to apologise, because the first DSDT you sent (which had the problem that the USB ports didn't work with it) actually is working. I tried to use it again, and probably what misled me was that out of the 6 rear USB ports the two in the middle line don't work, all the other USB ports are working correctly. Thank you so much for your patience and help, and thanks to Macpeet for the audio for Catalina. You are the Best!
  2. Is live Linux good? I dont't have Windows on the PC. If live Linux is good, I'll create a live Linux USB stick.
  3. Thanks again, the sound works perfectly. One interesting thing: in line out mode the internal speaker works, and vice-versa. With the DSDT.aml You created the mouse and the keyboard don't work, although I made the USB.kext and SSDT with Hackintool (although I copied them into Clover/ACPI/Patched). Now only the DSDT.aml is in the Patched library I first sent you (which I found in this topic).
  4. Thanks!I've copied it to the Clover / Kext folder and use it like that.
  5. I reinstalled with Mac Pro 6.1 SMbios. It seems to work. Can you help me set up the sound card? ALC 262 If I remember correctly. Thanks!
  6. Does this have to look like this? (Connected to external usb the Catalina HDD)
  7. I was surprised that it was working as iMac 14,2 SMBios. Is it very difficult to make a USB installer for Catalina? (I don't want to use up all the space here in this topic, so if you want, we could continue in private - if there is a PM option).
  8. Hi Rockey12! My favourite OS X system was Snow Leopard, but what was its advantage (it was fast and stable) doesn't work with the new hardwares. As for the hack, I didn't enjoy it for long. The steps I took to install - maybe you can tell me what I did wrong: 1. I made an 10.14.6 USB installer, I installed it to a separate HDD, but I didn't make it bootable with Clover, the boot remained on the USB. I didn't format the whole HDD to APFS, the Mojave is in a Clover Container 2. I went to Software update, it instantly offered to update to Catalina and I did 3. After installation it restarted, and I booted from the Mojave USB installer. I shut the system a few times but I could always boot it from the USB 4. It seemed stable so I tried to make the HDD bootable with Clover. I got an error message "install failed". 5. I put in another HDD (the one I use for master, it has Mojave on it) and tried to make a Catalina boot with it with the same EFI I use on the master HDD and the installer USB. 6. Istallation was successful. Then I took out the master HDD and I tried to start Catalina. Apple logo appeared then appeared the access denied sigh (circle, a line accross it) 7. I put back the master HDD, and deleted all the Clover folders from Catalina HDD, but I can't boot it since then, the access denied symbol appears at once. That't why my joy didn't last too long...
  9. HHMMMIt is possible? It didn't work for long ..
  10. All right. I continue tomorrow. Good night!
  11. do I need a BIOS update do you think?
  12. Who can export from live Linux right? I've already done one Continue tomorrow..Thank you very much for your patience!
  13. Update what do you advise? Why can't I process SSDT for processors?