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  1. HP Z600 Workstation

    Hi RiotMode, Installing OS X in Chemeleon boot.plist I used the kernel cashe = No option. This way disc utility can see the HDD, but the only way I can run it if I copy from 1.09.1 system the kext attaching to 4 AHCI to the system extensions library, overwriting the original ones. In case of Yosemite the procedure is the same, but in this csase I also have to copy the kext attached to 4 USB, because without it the USB mouse and keyboard. I have already posted on root86 forum, the last two posts are mine.
  2. HP Z600 Workstation

    Hi RiotMode, I have a Dell T5500 which is very similar to your HP Z600. I have a problem with the AHCI port, because the installer doesn't see the HDD, same as yours. Could you help me how to edit this AHCI port kext that it would find my HDDs? There are 3 possible ways in BIOS: Raid Autodetect/AHCI Raid Autodetect/ATA Raid On The Raid Autodetect/AHCI is chosen. The installer in system info writes out "Intel AHCI 1.20 supported" but it doesn't see the HDD. Is it possible to write into the kext the ID of the HDD? Or is it possible to patch the DSDT.aml? Thanks in advance, Hirion
  3. UPDATE: I've found on an OSX 86 site a repairing guide for problems very much the same as my T5500: "Hello, again i have updated to 10.9.4 successfully, only i have to rollback to SAS drivers from 10.9.1. Apple has changed in 10.9.2 and it was the problem of "waiting for root device". Update 10.9.1 from Luigi with OSX1094 Combo Update then delete /System/Library/AppleHPET.kext and replace the extensions with this provided by me (It's from 10.9.1). Then you can restart. If you update and restart without changing extensions you can't boot." I've tried installation and I could update it up to OSX 10.9.5. But when I installed Yosemite the mouse and the main board didn't work. I don't know how to make .plist. How can I make these kexts compatible to Yosemite? The repairing guide modified the following kexts: AppleACPIPlatform.kext, AppleAHCIPort.kext, FakesSMC.kext, IOAHCIFamily.kext, IOPCIFamily.kext Thanks, Hirion
  4. I re-installed OSX 10.9 then updated it step by step (10.9.1, 10.9.2, etc.) so I could see when it went wrong. After 10.9.2 it doesn't boot. I think there is a problem with AHCI configuration, because it is understandable that Yosemite installer (Clover method) didn't recognise HDD because it couldn't mount it. As an experiment I copied from 10.9 installer AHCI port.kext and in another Hackintosh I copied it to 10.9.5 system extensions library. When I tried to boot, it showed me a scored apple. Do you mean that I should write in into boot option that PciRoot=4? What do you mean: "verify your patched DSDT table and re-run myFix (quick) to rebuild permissions + cache" = repair mission extra library? Isn't there a kext or patch for this AHCI problem which works? Thank you very much, Hirion
  5. Thanks!! This works...I installed OS X Mavericks 10.9, with Myhack. But after install the 10.9.5 combo update, not boot OS X. The error: "still waiting for root device".
  6. You're right, I checked your post on Latitude forum (you wrote to somebody about this), with DSDT editor I extracted the T5500's DSDT, and the configured value is 4. Do I understand you correctly, that I have only to change "4" to "Zero" and save it into DSDT.aml and I put it into Chameleon Extra library?
  7. I don't think there is a problem with the HDD because I have installed Snow Leopard with myHack installer onto it and it works. But with Chameleon method I get a black screen with all systems but 10.6.
  8. There are 3 possible ways in BIOS: Raid Autodetect/AHCI Raid Autodetect/ATA Raid On The Raid Autodetect/AHCI is chosen.
  9. A few days ago I installed Yosemite to a T3500 Dell Precision with Clover - it works inpeccably (I found the guide on OSX Latitude). But there is a T5500 Dell which I have serious problems with. The problem is that the Clover Yosemite installer doesn't recognize my HDD (BIOS raid auto AHCI mode enable). It recognizes Intel ICH10 AHCI Version 1.20 supported, but the device is "unknown". Can anybody help me with that? ps: Until now I have installed OSX with Chameleon method and I don't really know Clover. Thanks, Hirion
  10. Hi everybody, I put a XEON E5440 processor into a Gygabyte P43T-EX3G main board with a socket 771-775 converter. Unfortunately, I couldn't get synchronised the 4 cores of the board. In Boot plist the following options are: npci=0x2000, Pci Root=1, I don't use DSDT-aml. Voodoo tscsync kext usually causes a kernel panic, in this case I can't start the system. If it does start it writes in verbose mode that the 3 cores are not synchronised. Nowadays it freezes occasionally. Do anybody have any idea how I could make this XEON processor run? I use OSX 10.7.5 Lion and 10.8.5 Mountain Lion. Thanks
  11. Thinkpad T61 audio problem

    Hi Everybody! I have installed Lion 10.7.4 onto my T61 laptop. The functions that are the most important for me are working but I cannot make the Soundmax audiocard to work. I have tried several versions of woodoo hda kext of which I had read they worked. I have also tried hda enabler kext, azalia, etc. In most of the cases the speaker icon appears and I can move the volume control but the speakers are mute. Can anybody help me to make it work? Thanks
  12. OK, it was my fault The CD-RW disc was wrong. I've burned it on to a new CD-R and everything works fine. Sorry... Bye
  13. The install continues and lets me install. I'm thinking on two things: 1. could it be a wrong BIOS setting? (though I checked what you wrote in the guide) or 2. processor overclock 2.9 - 3.2 Ghz? PS: I like your avatar
  14. "EBIOS read error. Error 0x32 Block oxaf OC . . EBIOS read error. Error 0x32 Block oxaf 14" I'm not sure I recall it perfectly (BTW how can I save/copy that sreen?) It sends this kind of error message than the installer starts.
  15. Excellent job, thanks so much, man! I've tried to make a boot CD and tested several I found on the Net but they never worked. When I entirely gave up hope I came back to the forum and saw that there is another comment of yours. The install from the retail DVD is a bit jerky but it must be because the optical drive isn't a SATA one. I have just one question about the boot CD: it writes a long error list before the graphical installer load. Is it normal? Does the error list have any function? Thanks again!