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  1. I tried all combinations of the suggested graphics troubleshooting for the config plists and deleting the fake PCIID's. The only combination that shows graphics acceleration or doesn't crash is using the clover folder you gave me and changing the ig-platform ID and "Enable 96mb" section. I found sleep does work with this combination, but waking the internal screen doesn't. HDMI works however, which is how I found that sleep works.
  2. I'll take note of that. I'm just used to rules against double posting in other forums.I'll try those changes when I get the chance and get back to you. Thanks Austin!
  3. Wow awesome, thanks for the clover folder! -I tried logging out and I lose display completely. I don't really have hdmi to test that either as of right now. Then I tried typing my password and waiting for about 5 minutes and it stayed blank. I'll try this again with a clean install with your clover folder. -My bios settings are all in order. *just checked EDIT: Everything seems to work now. Initially using the clover folder you supplied I got stuck during boot. Not a KP just stuck. Verbose mode gave me something about NTFS drivers. The only change I made was the suggestion you made earlier from using 0x0a260006 to 0x0a2e0008. Now all is fine and I am replying from a healthy looking chrome browser! Thanks for all your hard work! EDIT 2: One last thing, does sleep work? Because I think when my display goes to sleep, I lose internal display altogether. I can tell because the machine is still running since once I pressed the play button again while the screen was off, it began to play again. Thanks
  4. Tried multiple combinations of having the Fakepciid kext with the platform I'd and also changing the device Id. The default after completing your guide was device Id 0x04128086 and platform Id 0x0a2e0008. Now I always get a KP about AppleSMCLMUkext with dependencies about iographicsfamily and AppleSMC. I also didn't have a Fakepciid.kext for the HD4600 after finishing the guide I just added it after downloading the latest from rehabman.
  5. Sure am, and sure did. All the commands were successful. All the patches had no errors.
  6. I am on 10.10.3 now. Same problems as before. Any ideas? What do I need to do to find the correct Clover patches to use? I went cmd+f with "intel" in the Clover config plist, and found a lot of relevant-sounding keys I might have to change. With not much knowledge on what needs changing, could you help me out? Also is there anything else I would have to change other than some Clover configs? Thanks Attached is my raw dumped ACPI via Clover F4 ninditsu-origin.zip
  7. I'll try to get 10.10.3; then I'll get back to you. Thanks again!
  8. I guess I do not have full graphics acceleration. No change on the menu bar. I am running the latest 10.10.5 Perhaps that is the problem then? How do I find out what patches to use? Thanks Austin!
  9. Just finished the guide. Everything seems fine except for a few things. Thanks for compiling all this work Austin! First off, I have the same machine as Austin's with QHD+ (3200x1800) except I have a Thunderbolt 2 port. I am not sure if this is a problem anyone else is having and it could be due to the slight differences of the machine. It seems that once I get to the Apple logo with the progress bar, the screen flashes and becomes a little buggy. Then once the progress bar is complete and I reach the login screen, I have to wait for the screen to refresh (a horizontal scanline is progressing vertically down the screen) and then I am able to see my typing of my password. After that, everything is smooth and it seems I have everything working with full graphics acceleration unless there's a better way to tell, I can tell it works because I can preview screensavers. But it seems a little buggy and laggy. My main browser, Google Chrome, has some flickering when the objects move such as videos or just scrolling the page. Firefox suffers this only in videos. Safari runs well. I'll post a video soon as well as my acpi dump.
  10. I can boot from hard drive. I just added clover to the bios boot from the clover options
  11. Update: I am still getting scrambled screen. Is this related to the capri framebuffer kext? also I get a freeze when I unplug my charger. However, I can't always replicate it.
  12. Hmm, I'm not too sure about that. Because for me, the EDID just wasn't detected when scrambled.
  13. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/208410-fixing-scrambledstretched-or-wrong-resolution-laptop-display-problems/ just follow that.
  14. Once I get time to get a linux bootable I think ill use the EAPD kext. Thanks Edit: I have been searching for a while with no luck. And I was wondering how I can hide the unused partition (boot options) in clover? eg. Internal EFI
  15. Would you care to share? Also if you any idea how to unlock bios to only use the nvidia card.. thanks