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  1. Hey all, I've been stuck on 10.6.3 due to graphics performance issues. I use NVEnabler.kext and on 10.6.3, it's really awesome, but on 10.6.4 and higher it just stinks. 10.6.5 is no better than 10.6.4 with the graphics driver fixes Apple released. Question: What can I try to diagnose the problem? Options: 1. recompile NVEnabler on 10.6.5? 2. try to create a DSDT.aml file for this system and use some kind of inject? 3. ???? What I have done: 1. Tried nvinject (no good for GL on my system) 2. reinstalled to 10.6.0, then updated to 10.6.5 directly (NVEnabler and NVInject, no good) 3. copied 10.6.3 kexts/libraries to 10.6.4/5 (still no good, better, but no where near 10.6.3 performance) Can anyone else tell me if there's something I have just plainly missed? I'm not sure what else to do aside from trying to find a hacked set of stock nVidia drives or something. Please help if you can. I'm too confused now to keep things straight on this topic. --agony
  2. HP Elitebook 8530w with DUAL MONITORS?

    So the NVCAP type is "String" or "Data"? Using Plist Editor causes this value to be lost if you turn it to type data. Anyone have feedback on this? NVEnabler here, trying to get multiple outputs. I use NVEnabler for Snow Leopard, how do I add this to the Info.plist properly? Can someone post thier info.plist from NVENabler? Thanks in advance.
  3. HP 8530W Snow Leo Install Success

    Hey there. Get the Intel82556m kext, i think you can get it from Kexts.com. Also, get NVEnabler.kext. You will get OpenGL/CL working and have ethernet. Do you have sound working? I still don't have sound and mouse works, but I can't modify any settings under "mouse". If you have any tips there, I'd appreciate it.
  4. HP 6510b Snow Leo Pack

    Sorry to ask, but I have 2 questions: 1. Do you have OpenGL working? 2. do you happen to know if this audio driver works on HP8530W? TIA --agony
  5. HP EliteBook 8530w - OSx86 Installation

    Doood! I look forward to the update!
  6. HP EliteBook 8530w - OSx86 Installation

    Hi Mianos, I just have 2 questions: 1. How did you install? 2. For video, You using EFI Strings, DSDT, or chameleon nvinject for video? Lemme know. Something has happened to my video and i get no GL acceleration. --agony
  7. Can anyone tell me if they have been able to get OpenGL/CL and QE/CI working with the HP 8530W? If I just need to do EFI strings, and I'm using Chameleon2 R640, where do I put the com.apple.Boot.plist and what do I put in it? I have EFI Studio and have put my device info string into /L/P/SP/ and /Extra com.apple.Boot.plist and still nothing. I then added nVinject 0.2.2 to /S/L/E and I at least get good resolution, just not accelleration. I'm just not sure where to go from here. --agony
  8. HP EliteBook 8530w - OSx86 Installation

    I'm using no DSDT.aml. The dsdt compiler fails to write one every time, so I'm using Chameleon2 RC2 r640 highlighted from the "Snow Leopard Generic Install Guide" on the SL forum. I followed those directions to boot my installed version of 10.6 and lo and behold, it worked. The onlything I don't have is OGL/OCL and Sound. Once I get those, I'm complete! I'm using them in /Extra/Extensions, but not anywhere else. --agony
  9. HP EliteBook 8530w - OSx86 Installation

    I have succeeded installing OSX 10.6 in 64-bit and I have good resolution, mouse/usb, network, and firewire. I don't have sound working. I have tried the following: LegacyHDA VoodooHDA AppleHDA They all seem to load, but then nothing happens. I was using AppleHDA under 10.5.8, and now I'm stuck. Another thing is that OpenGL doesn't seem to be working as I can't seem to use screensavers or view pictures in Preview. If anyone has any ideas on these two driver bits, I'd be grateful. --agony
  10. Hi All, I have some success installing a fairly clean install of Snow Leopard on HP 8530W laptop but I need some extra help. First of all, I used this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/2009/08/how-to-...-pc-hackintosh/ and if I followed it directly, no problems. It installed from the DVD just fine. Then the system wouldn't boot to SL. I then used this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=182227 I tried using VoodooPS2Controller.kext, and the ApplePS2 kext's and I had keyboard, but no mouse. I moved the VoodooPS2Controller kext and now I have mouse and keyboard. I don't have sound though, and I am using the VoodooHDA driver. I also had to move the IOUSBFamily.kext out of the way too so it wouldn't load otherwise the boot stops after the USB drivers are loaded. I would like to find the following drivers: 1. IntelHDA 64-bit driver 2. VoodooPS2 driver that works 3. IOUSBFamily kext fix 4. nVidia driver (updated nvinject perhaps?) If anyone has any pointers for these it'd be a huge help. Thanks in advance. --agony
  11. HP EliteBook 8530w - OSx86 Installation

    OMG, I'm so jealous. I've been spending the last 10 hours or so trying to get Snow on my 8530. I've got a perfectly running 10.5.8 installation, and I used the OSinstall.mpkg trick to try and get a bootable version of Snow on another partition with Chameleon 10 rc2 and I can boot, but it panicks. If you could help with a guide or something about how you built your 123booter or whatever you did to get a bootable install, I'd be so grateful. for the fakesmc.kext, where should I put it? What's the best version, etc? I feel like I'm so freakin' close, and yet so far! Please help, if you can. --agony
  12. HP EliteBook 8530w - OSx86 Installation

    That link just downloads a HTML file and doesn't actually download the zip. Any ideas? --agony NM. I got it downloaded. I had to use firefox for some reason. Thx!! --agony
  13. HP EliteBook 8530w - OSx86 Installation

    What Video Kext you using? I just installed iAtkos v7 with 10.5.7 and now my video doesn't support CI/QE. Help!?
  14. HP EliteBook 8530w - OSx86 Installation

    Could you post a zip file with the kexts you use? Or a tarball? It would be much appreciated! I plan on installing retail tomorrow or Saturday. --agony