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  1. @ Firanolfind I'm pretty sure this thread is dedicated to older DVx series laptops - all 6000 series like yours have a sandy bridge cpu which means completely different hardware. If the people here were even to work on your dsdt they couldn't be sure to know what patches actually work. I think your best bet is to find the thread on tonymac regarding the HP sandy bridge ProBooks as they would offer more similar specs to yours. You shouldn't need to boot from the legacy kernel for lion as it has native support for sandy bridge. Stay away from Snow Leopard as only special 10.6.8 builds fully supported it. Although if you have an Insyde bios you will also be affected from the lapic error so to install you will still need to boot with cpus=1 until you apply the 10.7.2 lapic kernel by taptun. As far as graphics go I think the 6770m is compatible with OSX but I don't think anyone has gotten it to work through any means yet. So do you have switchable graphics? You may have to stick with the HD3000 if you do.
  2. @kone_dejota are you saying you have snow installed without sound or graphics?? Have you tried fixing your dsdt? I've gotten pretty good results with Lion so far and it seems we have similar hardware. From what I've read Snow should be more compatible overall. I need someone to check my dsdt though as I'm not sure I patched everything correctly.
  3. Hey guys - I have a DV6-3181NR and I'm booting Lion 10.7.2. It has an i7-720qm and ATi 5650 graphics. So far I have all 8 threads and native power management working. However I can only get audio to work through VoodooHDA and the headphones port doesn't work. Also sleep is a no go even though power managment is working with AppleLPC loaded. I've tried editing the dsdt to fix these issues up with no success so if I post my clean DSDT could someone take a look? Ok so apparently Taptun is the person to go to - so please if you read this Taptun I'd be extremely grateful! DSDT.dsl.zip
  4. IHackz23

    itunes freezes after last update!

    Hey - if you could PLEASE give me any info on how to fix this. I also have an AMD machine running 10.5.8 and my iTunes crashes on launch. I followed a few different guides on how to remove iTunes and I installed using the downloaded package from Apple's website - but it still doesn't work. I'm not sure where to go from here.
  5. IHackz23

    AMD and Retail Snow Leopard 10.6.5 --> 10.6.8 Final[GUIDE]

    I'm just now messing with Snow on my AMD machine after a year of running Leo without a glitch. I couldn't help but notice Liability that we have the exact same motherboard. But on the CPU-Z screenshots you posted your BIOS is over a year old. I've updated to the latest beta and it seems to have helped the Snow install. Something about better AHCI support.
  6. IHackz23

    amd x2 4200+ cpu + hackintosh?

    if you've never attempted to build a hackintosh I highly suggest starting with a distro of leopard like Jv5t mentioned. You need somewhat of a good solid foundation of what you are doing to try to get SL properly working. Your computer telling you to restart is called a kernel panic. this is an answer I gave to another person with a similar question/situation:
  7. I hate to say this, as it's been said to me before. But seriously search before you ask a question. I know that its annoying and getting help directly would be easier. But sometimes the solution to a problem takes an entire thread to get figured out. so here: read this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=183466 should get you good to go.
  8. hey yehia. the reason you are gettin kernel panics is because you are on a prescott. the Vanilla kernel only supports core duo and above processors. for older intels and most AMD's you have to use a compiled from source kernel. being that Snow Leopard retail was only released a few weeks ago, efforts to get a stable 64-bit alternative kernel are still under way. this post: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181876 can show you how to install a different kernel on P4's and AMD's. HOWEVER as noted in the thread, the kernel used in that method is simply a hacked vanilla 32-bit kernel. so no 64-bit. Your other option is what Blade Runner mentioned. You can search through the seas of IRC to try to find a *working* alternative 64-bit kernel. HOWEVER, again, since these kernels are just being released they are almost guaranteed to have a few kinks. Its not easy to perfectly compile the heart of an operating system. Take my word for it. I'm a junior in Electrical and Computer Engineering. So if you want easy, stable, and simple. Go with 10.5.8. Otherwise goodluck. Remember that this is still a learning experience for all of us. So don't expect to find a perfect word-for-word guide on how to get Snow Kitty up and running, especially on an older system. But thats the fun of it! Now if you really want snow leopard badly. Either go for the AMD method I posted above or grab yourself a freshly made 64 bit kernel, which I don't recommend yet. You will HAVE to get comfortable with Terminal. It's your window of power in OS X. One last note. Even if you find a good stable 64-bit kernel you *may* still get kernel panics or your system may not boot. This has nothing to do with the kernel. Update your BIOS and try again. If that doesn't work then you may have to patch your DSDT. In fact, most users running Snow Leopard have had to patch a thing or two. if you don't feel comfortable with these methods then like i said practice getting a good 10.5.8 install up and running. Sooner or later a distro or two will pop up that will make this process easier. Good luck and have fun
  9. nice writeup evil666. Okawari: give us some more details on your setup. How are you booting? SATA or IDE? Also try the newest releases by iDeneb iAtkos or iPC since they contain better support for newer chipsets based around AMD. An extra piece of info. If you are using an AM3 board there is a high chance that your DSDT may be buggy. If you can't get all your cores to show up, then you must fix you DSDT and recompile. I suggest DSDTSE. good luck to everyone. OS X blazes on a Phenom II
  10. IHackz23

    Having problem compile the DSDT.DSL.

    It can be overwhelming when you see that many errors. Download DSDTSE, extract your dsdt file, save it, and then try to compile it. You will get all the errors again but if you look under "DSDT Fixes" it will show you what code to insert for which error. It will take a bit but once you get the hang of getting rid of some errors its a breeze. Make sure you compile after each change.
  11. hmm what mode is your drive set to in your BIOS? Make sure its set to AHCI and not native ide or legacy ide or combined sata/ide. OS X loves AHCI and this should fix your drive problem.
  12. Hey I was gonna tell you to modify your boot.plist but I see you have that taken care of. If during the installation you installed the cpus=1 fix then you really only need to declare fsb=200000000 to boot into the OS. As far as SATA goes I would just do a clean install. Use the AMD chipset kext provided on the iDeneb or iAtkos distros or if you have an Nvidia chipset use that. Also make sure you pick the smbios that supports 1333 memory. I'm not sure if selecting all drivers and fixes is the best idea as it could cause conflicts. Also did you check Activity Monitor to see how many cores are running? I have come to the conclusion that Chameleon 2 cannot read the correct FSB and multiplier info. I might have to modify the DSDT to make sure OS X is reading everything correctly. Anyone corrected CPU aliases on a phenom II x4? I can't get the file to compile.
  13. Hey evil, I'm working on my second hackintosh right now which is a Phenom II X4 955. Its on a Biostar AM3 mobo and I also have 4 gigs of 1333 Gskill RAM. What you need to do is boot the dvd with the following: -v -x -F cpus=1 fsb=200000000 maxmem=2048 That should do the trick. Remember to install with either the 9.5.0 Voodoo kernel or any non-Vanilla 9.7.0 kernel and you need the Seatbelt kext. Unfortunately I can't get all 4 cores to show up. Both system profiler and activity monitor report only 1 cpu. I've tried a million different bios settings and Darwin reports 4 cores when its starting up. I'm not sure what to do now. If you figure out a setting that works let me know. Good Luck.