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  1. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Yes check zPilots original post or my zip file of kexts in this thread.
  2. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    I am guessing he wants to do it because the ultimate goal is to have a vanilla install of OS X. If we can fix most problems through additional kexts or through EFI strings and DSDT then we can have a separate partition with this and leave the OS X unchanged. This would protect us from any future upgrade Apple might release. Using modified kexts can cause problems when Apple decide to change them in the future. I havent had a chance to do the DSDT USB Fix today as I said. I have had a quick look but struggled to find how many "steps" our processor supports. I have got a Intel Core Duo 2 P8700, does anyone have the speedstep technical specs for it? Btw just notice that my sleep does sort of work. But only if I leave it and the Power Management puts it to sleep, if I close the lid or press Sleep in the menu then it will wake up straight after going into sleep. Anyone seen this?
  3. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    I dont know about 2. but lspci is available in most linux distributions (any small live cd should have it that you can run in a console). I will look into this in more detail tomorrow, now it is time for some well deserved sleep
  4. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Hey guys. Sorry I havent been active here for a while. Been away etc, the usual stuff. Really happy that RC3 fixed the QE/CI! I also tried that IOUSBFamily from zPilott. For me it seams to fix so that my laptop can sleep. However my laptop wakes up straight away and gives the following reason in the kernel.log, "Wake reason = AZAL PBTN LID EHC2". I am not sure how to interpret this but to me it seams like all those four items is causing the pc to wake up (power button and lid being the obvious ones). I found this http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...p;#entry1247908 which I am tempted to try. It seems to fix sleep for several people plus I would like to have vanilla speedstep. Anyway been brave enough to try this? Or did anyone have the same sleep problems as I have now?
  5. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Yeah read a mixture of things, some people say i386, some say x86 and some say -x32, all seem to work though so I just left it on the first one that did it for me. I just checked and the guide I posted before has been updated since I did it. I basically did the following steps, 1-2, 3b (Install from Mac OS X 10.6 DVD, there seems to be two steps called 3b), 4-6. Skip the part about EFI strings (EFI Studio/EFI XML) as others have said you will probably end up using NVinject for graphics. Use my dsdt.aml file I posted in my zip file as it should be identical to yours. There is a link in that guide though to another one explaining how to create your own if you want to. coolguy1: Are you just trying to copy the whole image to your usb drive? If so it wont work as FAT doesnt support files over ~4gb. Format it as something else or use Disk Utility to extra the image onto your usb drive.
  6. It doesnt work. Everyone has tried this already. I spent ages including all of my kexts on a boot 132 and it still doesnt boot a retail CD, it does boot my SL partition though so it is userful for recovery but there is something we are missing stopping us from booting a retail SL.
  7. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Hi, you generate the EFI string yourself. You can use mine, its for a Nvidia Quadro NVS 160M 256mb. All you specifiy is the PCI port it is on and the memory size (plus a name) and it generates a string for you. See this guide if you want to do it yourself, http://forum.netkas.org/index.php/topic,104.0.html Just do the GFX part, I tried Audio and Ethernet and it doesnt work on the e6500. Remember to boot in 32bit as a few of the kexts dont support 64bit yet. I used the OSInstall.mpkg method (see my post a page or two ago for the guide I used). What is it that is not working for you? If it is boot then try to create your own dsdt.adl, however mine should work for you as well. Rememeber to add the CMOS fix when you create yours. If you get random KP, then redo all the permissions on your kext folders, both chmod 755 and chown.
  8. Just tried it. It does now allow the volume to change, however I managed to do this before by just changing the Output under the System Preferences. The annoying part is that the Mute button still doesn't work for me. Any chance there is a quick fix for it as well?
  9. Question on QE/CI - etc. in Profiler

    Same problem here as well, saw another post today where they said to check if your taskbar is translucent in order to determine if QE is working. This is my first hackintosh so it hasnt actually crossed my mind to check this, will do it when I get home. Edit: I dont have the transparency so I guess QE/CI/OpenGL is not actually working, even though the Xbench patterns are visible?
  10. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Hi, yes when I had a working system I was running everything from one partition (kext, boot etc). I actually used Chameleon RC2 as I downloaded it by accident and it worked fine for me so I never downgraded. Need PC_EFI though on top of that to boot SL. I was forced to reformat my whole hard drive as I stupidly thought I could reinstall Vista on a spare GPT partition (need for work). So I am redoing it now, but this time I am using a seperate partition for Chameleon and my kexts. I am struggling a bit to be honest as they wont all load from there for some reason. I also did a backup of all my kexts from my working install, however I dont really understand why but I had a look at the memory stick I copied my whole /System/Library/Extension folder to and they only contains the kexts starting with the letter A. However I have a pretty good memory of where I got everything from. So I am literally reinstall them all now and will post them here when I have it all up and working again. I even have Shutdown/Restart working now which I didnt before, however still no sleep. Update: Ok got almost everything working now. Here is my Extra folder which i have on a separate partition with Chameleon on. Please note it includes some kexts from SL (/S/L/E) which is needed as dependencies for some of the kexts, in the future after a software upgrade you might need to copy them from /S/L/E to the /E/E folder). However my shutdown/restart has stopped working again! I have however tracked the cause down to the graphics, regardless if I use my EFI string or NVinjectGo it will hang. If I remove both though so I get the standard 1024x768 then it shuts down/reboots fine. Anyone got a fix for this? Will look at Sleep now. Here is my summery so far, Quadro NVS 160M 256: YES (Using either a EFI string or NVinjectGo) Bluetooth: YES Wifi (Intel 5100 a/g/n): NO (Ordered a Dell 1397 which I have been told works out of the box) Sound: YES LAN : YES KeyBoard: YES (32 bit only) KB BackLight and Screen Auto-Luminosity: YES TouchPad: YES TrackPad: YES BatteryIndicator: YES Sleep: NO Shutdown/Restart: NO (Works if graphics are disabled) DVD-RW: YES FireWire: YES Motherboard Chipset: YES USB: Yes So only really Sleep/Shutdown/Reboot I have to fix now. Also I dont know if this is normal but my graphics doesnt actually say if it supports QE or CI in the System Profile, it is not even displayed there as either Supported or Not. However XBench does successfully display the patterns on the QE and OpenGL test, does that mean it is actually working? Fredde87_ExtraFolder.tar.gz
  11. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    No I didnt. Used a EFI string to get graphics to work. But then found out that OpenGL wasnt working so I ended up switching to natit which fixed it. Couldnt get sound to work with EFI strings so I had to use VoodooHDA. To fix the volume control I selected the Analog PCM as the Output in the Systems Preferences so I can now change the volume with the keyboard (mouse does not work though). Going to try to get Ethernet to work with only a EFI string just as a test. Had to reinstall my whole system as I had formated the hard drive as GPT since I was under the impression Vista SP1 supported it. Whilst it technically does support it, it only works on EFI PCs, so my BIOS based motherboard would not install onto it.
  12. Dell Wireless 365/370/410 Bluetooth

    Yeah I am stuck in 32bit as well in order to get my trackpad to work, will switch to 64 when most people have recompiled their drivers to 64bit. One little annoying this I noticed, every time the system starts up a window pops up saying a new network interface has been detected (Bluetooth DUN), do you want to configure it. Not sure if it is possible to only show this message the first time it is installed or not? If you chose yes then it opens the network preferences, but the bluetooth doesn't show up there, only in my menu bar. Is that normal? Edit: Sorry me being stupid, if you Add a new Bluetooth interface to the Network Preferences then the message will stop appearing each time the kext is loaded.
  13. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    No I havent got Sleep/Shutdown/Restart to work yet. It is next on my list though! Gave up on the Intel 5100 wireless, ordered a new Dell 1397 today to replace it with. Got bluetooth working now as well, check out this new kext http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1239975 Got volume control to almost work, mute still doesnt work though. Havent got a SD card at home to test the reader with, does it show up in system profile if you havent got a card in it?
  14. Dell Wireless 365/370/410 Bluetooth

    Can confirm it works on my Dell Latitude E6500 with a Dell 370 Bluetooth card! Running 10.6 in 32bit kernel.
  15. [Install] Dell Latitude E6400 E6500

    Just a quick note to say that I have gotten most things working on my e6500 now in Snow Leopard apart from the Wireless. I followed this guide, http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=180954 and then I used kexthelper b7 to install the kexts in this thread. Most of the kexts out there for our hardware does not have 64bit support yet. so to get trackpad, audio etc working I had to boot using the 32bit kernel.