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  1. hi, guys i have worked quite a time on patching my AppleHDA.kext, buy still can't get it works. my PC platform is a AMD cpu with Mobo MSI-k9A2-CF, and the audio chipset is the onboard Realtek ALC888(address 0). i got the code_dump.txt through Ubuntu codec_dump.txt then the analysis reveals ALC888_codec_dump_analysis.txt Here are my patched kexts, of course, they don't work. Within these kexts, i just added the modified Verbs(ConfigData) and corrected the PathMaps. LegacyALC888.zip 01871C40 01871D90 01871EA1 01871F90 01971C50 01971D90 01971EA1 01971F02 01A71C60 01A71D30 01A71E81 01A71F01 01B71C70 01B71D40 01B71E21 01B71F02 01471C10 01471D40 01471E11 01471F01 01571C20 01571D10 01571E01 01571F01 01671C30 01671D60 01671E01 01671F01 01771C80 01771D20 01771E01 01771F01 01E71C90 01E71D61 01E71E4B 01E71F01 01F71CA0 01F71D01 01F71ECB 01F71F01 i have tested many kinds of definition of the Input and Output devices with corresponding NodeIDs, but none of them succeeded. any helps is precious and thanks for u suggestion BTW, Taruga's AppleHDAPatcher v2.0 can make the working AppleHDA.kext for my PC, however, i found no information of ConfigData within the modified kexts.it seems also changed the resource files. AppleHDA.kext.zip