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  1. new here in hackintosh, cheapest build?

    follow the link for the list from newegg atached as a pdf http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=238480 Not sure exactly what you are asking but I will take the question literally so please do not be offended. The use of a video card in a mac or any computer is to provide a interface in which the information in the computer can be displayed on the monitor. The video card is what you plug your monitor into on any computer. Now many less expensive computers have that interface directly integrated onto the motherboard, in my experience most of these integrated graphics do not work well with OSX. In windows you have drivers, and there are drivers for almost every piece of hardware that is on the market. OSX does not have that much supported hardware, so a lot of components that will work in windows will not work in OSX. So, if you are trying to put OSX on a PC that had windows and was using integrated graphics, unless you get lucky you will most likely need to find a video card that is compatible with OSX.
  2. new here in hackintosh, cheapest build?

    I am new here too, but I have been coming around for here for awhile, I just never posted anything. A few posts before this one is a system I am going to try and build, I ordered the parts today and I have a pdf attached to the post. I purchased a nVidia 8400GS video card (after mail in rebate its $9.99), I have never used this particular brand before, but every 8400GS I have used has worked well for me with OSX. So to answer your question... No, you do not need a powerful video card, however you must have a compatible video card. Not sure if my build will work completely, but it is certainly feasible to build a computer that will run OSX 10.6.5 for less than $400 Right now the system I am trying to build would cost ~$370 in parts less $50 in mail in rebates, so total cost around ~$320
  3. My name is Don, I just placed an order at newegg for what I hope will be a sub $300 build. I just noticed that I did not include a hard drive on the attachment below so I suppose $35-$40 for a hard drive would put me over the 300 mark. Any way I just wanted to introduce myself and see if anyone had any opinion on this build. (I have a Hard Drive, Case, and Power Supply already), what is listed in the .pdf is what I purchased with the exception of the case and psu, do u guys think it will work out. Also, where would I normally post something of this nature, I was looking and could not figure out where it belonged. Since I was posting for the first time I thought here would be ok. HackintoshLessThan300.pdf