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  1. Problem installing Mac OS x 10.5

    Alright i was finally able to burn it. But now, i have a far more huge problem. Here's what happened. It's start installing then near the end it kindda freeze, so i had to reboot. So when i restarted it looked like the upgrade of 10.5 worked a little. I mean, the bottom bar icons (dock)changed but i can't use any of them except System Setting, my Wallpaper theme desktop was the same as before, didn't change. I clicked on ''about apple'' to see if i had the version and it sais it was 10.5. But it couldn't be all of it because the download wasn't finish. So i put back the cd in, restarted the installing process and it still freeze when it's installing, except now it take less time before it freeze and my hard drive is making a weird noise. Reboot again, took the cd out. So now, all the icons that were on my desktop are gone, even Macintosh HD icon. The scrolling bar icons at the bottom seem ok except 2 of them that are question marks. I'm freaking out, now i'm in deeper {censored} that i already was and don't know what to do There were warning logs that pop up too. One saying that Spotlight application is having a problem. I can click cancel, report or launch, the widnow still comes back every 2 seconds. Gosh i need a miracle because i don't know anything about Macs in general. I don't know how to uninstall it! I'm afraid i lost stuff too! And each time i restart the screen turn blue.
  2. Hi, i'm new to this forum and i'm in big need of help. I was pointed out by another forum that this place would be the answer to my questions. For one, i'm new to Mac, so i'm struggling a bit and hope someone could help me. So i downloaded Mac OS x 10.5 yesterday. The version i currently have is 10.4.11 and my Mac is a G5, don't know if that can help you. The thing is, when i click on that little with page with a hardrive or whatever on it icon, it brings the ''installer'' up. I have options of read before installing, instructions... And of course the little black and purple os x 10.5 disc icon to actually install it. I Clicked, then it ask me to restart for the installing to begining. Click. Restart. Nothing is happening.... It restarts normally just like you would just restart a Mac normally. I tried 5 times, same thing happen, NOTHING! What do i have to do exactly? Burn it? What am i doing wrong? Sorry to sound so desperate, but i am Please help!