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  1. Just wanted to post that I updated to 10.8.5 successfully on ESXi 5.1 U1 with no issues
  2. I get what all the other guys are saying that "it may cause problems" but just to let you know, I have multiple OS X VM's that are on a host managed by a Vcenter server. There are limitations (i.e. can't power on an OS X VM, no vMotion, etc), but it hasn't really caused me any issues. If you need to power on the VM, just go right to the host and power it on. 99% of the time I am using Vcenter.
  3. OSX 10.8.4

    Works fine with ESXi 5.1
  4. I guess. I don't see why I couldn't just ssh to the host and cp the files from one datastore to the other. The only problem is, I won't get a progress bar or anything, and it will take quite a bit of time to copy 6.5TB... Thanks though, it's not a bad suggestion (I will probably end up doing this anyway), but looking for something a little better.
  5. So I've run into a bit of an issue that I need help figuring out. I have a Mountain Lion Guest running on my ESXi 5.1 host. The OS is located on a local datastore, but then I have about 6.5TB worth of virtual disks attached to this machine that are stored on an NFS datastore. I would like to migrate all of these disks to a different datastore. Now I know I can usually go an just migrate the disks individually, but Vcenter wont allow me to do this because OS X is not supported(?). Does any one know of a way that I can accomplish this? Thanks!
  6. Weird issue- I had everything set up and running on ESXi 5.0U1, updated to 5.1, reapplied the patch, rebooted and none of my Mac VMs will start. I get a Circle Slash, and they just sit there. All of my other VM's start up just fine. Any Ideas? FYI I am using the HP customized ESXi image (but I also used the HP customized 5.0U1 and that worked just fine) EDIT: Also, my host was in maintenance mode when I applied the patch, could this cause an issue? UPDATE Uninstalled the patch, rebooted, re-installed the patch, rebooted- All my VM's boot up in under a minute, and it no longer asks me a question about multiple CPUs!
  7. Awesome, good to know. I upgraded my vCenter this weekend to 5.1 but was too scared to upgrade the host. I will do that in a few days. Thanks for replying.
  8. Although I was hesitant to do so, because my server requires a bit of power, I downgraded it fro 4 to 1vCPU and performance has INCREASED. Before, I experienced a very buggy Finder, screen sharing did not work well (kept disconnecting) and the VM was just overall slow (with 4 vCPU and 8GB RAM). I dropped it down to 1vCPU and other than booting, it is flawless.
  9. I have an ESXi 5u1 host running a couple of Mountain Lion VMs and everything works just fine. The small little issue I have is when booting the VM, I get a Virtual Machine Message prompt that says For the record, my guests all have more than one virtual core and they all run fine. I just hit continue and they come right up. Is there any way for me to disable this prompt or automatically answer the question? I don't want to have to go into vSphere client just to reboot a machine. Thanks.
  10. Ok, well to answer my question: Yes, that will work. I installed 8.0.2 and patched it with this, uninstalled VMware tools from the Fusion VM (Very important step. I didn't do this at first and the VM didn't work right), copied the VM over and it booted up! Thanks Donk for the help and the patch!
  11. Thanks for the response. So do you think it would work if I install Workstation 8.0.2? If not, would you happen to have any suggestion for how I can migrate it over?
  12. So for a couple months I have been running a Lion Server VM in Fusion on my Mac Pro. I have just installed VMWare Workstation 7.1.4 on my Linux box along with this patch and I wanted to run this VM through here, instead of on my Mac Pro. I was running Fusion 4, but I have made sure the VM version is compatible with 7, I moved the files over to the linux box, opened it up in VMware and changed the guest OS to OS X Server 10.6 64-bit and tried to boot it up. It started to boot but then I get a grey circle-slash and it hangs. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks
  13. So I have a Dell 755 (E6550 @ 2.33ghz, 1gb ram, ATI HD 2400) and I've been following this guide to install SL. I've gotten to the boot screen and it gives me an Unsupported CPU family error and kernel panic. Anyone know how I can fix this? Thanks.
  14. OS X Server on HP Proliant

    Do I need like hacked disks or can I use the retail disks that I already have? Please let me know when you have the tutorial up. I'm a complete newbie to this and would really like to learn something. Also, could I just follow a basic OSx86 installation guide or is this much different?