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    OSX86 Inefficient?

    but my problem isn't program specific although i will try those. it is trying to understand what can make a program so inefficient in the first place. more specifically, what about my computer would make a program not run efficiently?
  2. dunkmaster

    OSX86 Inefficient?

    i have been enjoying 10.5.7 for a while but i decided to get Unrar X to extract files and it took hours!!! I then got rar machine to do the other RARs but it too took hours. I switched to my windows 7 partition and it took 5 MINs to do the same task! I checked out the task manager and at least rar machine had 13 threads but the CPU utilized was less than 5% which is not bad but it is very inefficient. what's the cause of this? Phenom 9950 BE Windows 7 & Leopard 10.5.7 ATI Radeon 4890 OC edition (QE/CL enabled) 2 TB Hitachi 7200 RPM DVD/RW Drive
  3. nobody?? well i put in an order for a 4890 reference card
  4. I went out and bought a 4850 after hearing about how much nvidia sucks. unfortunately, my card is non-reference and it is the biggest pain i've ever had to deal with. by the way it is a Sapphire Radeon HD 4850 512MB card with HDMI,DVI, and VGA. So i want a great graphics card [or the best] that can be used with all those tricky kexts. i don't have all day to be trying out kexts. i want to install the graphics card and know that it will have qe/cl support (even if it requires a few kexts)!!
  5. dunkmaster

    A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    Spoke too soon!!! after some further reading [i'm a college student ] i found on netkas' site that there are patched framebuffers for non-reference cards. You will have to go to his irc to obtain the file and i will not redistribute this file without his permission. [sorry] but if you want it, PM me and i will ask him. otherwise, i will assume that everyone knows how to get to an irc channel background: if you want to learn a little about framebuffers and accelerators go to: http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?...p;mode=threaded the reference card for my 4850 contains 2 dvi's and an s-video connection. because my card deviates from this original card [because it has hdmi and vga] it is non-reference. NEXT STEP: install acceleration driver! EDIT: This is now very taxing... i've included a screenshot but i don't know what to do besides these steps: 1) install patched framebuffers 2)install regular natit 3) install ati_init.pkg [exotic ati package doesn't work]
  6. dunkmaster

    A Simple Guide to the 4830/4850/4870/4870x2/4890

    My heart stopped after reading this! I'm mad I bought it for HDMI and quartz support only to find out that this was gonna end up killing me. I followed bero's guide but no luck: I also followed this with no luck. I'll see if i can get a refund from newegg . only reason i didnt get nvidia was because of netkas' post about why nvidia sucks... any help is welcome: i have 0x9442, hdmi,dvi,vga, sapphire radeon hd 4850 512mb, rest is in my sig
  7. no 64-bit kernel??? i'll wait a little bit
  8. dunkmaster

    VISUALS: Installed Wrong VGA Driver!

    One last question: Where are your wings? youre an angel!! thanks! [sent from my hackintosh]
  9. dunkmaster

    VISUALS: Installed Wrong VGA Driver!

    I tried using drivemac but it wouldn't even show my mac partition. I have no other earthly idea other than to delete the kext from the terminal but i don't know how to get there from chameleon bootloader.
  10. I've been trying to add Quartz Extreme capability for my ATI RADEON 4650 HD. I put my install disk (iAtkos v7) in my drive and used a "driver-install" to use the ATI HD Driver (ATY_Init.kext) and now my leopard wont display anything. I tried booting into safe mode but i still dont see anything. Any help is appreciated.
  11. dunkmaster

    OSx86 won't detect ANY of my storage devices.

    Have you checked the HCL for the version you are trying to install? I used iAtkos v7 with AMD Phenom and had to enable AHCI & ACPI in my bios to get it working. By the way, can you include your specs?